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Episode 29: War Abolishers of 2021: Yoshioka Tatsuya, Mel Duncan, Petra Glomazic, Milan Sekulovic

On October 6, 2021, World BEYOND War presented the first War Abolisher awards to Peace Boat, Mel Duncan and Save Sinjajevina. This episode brings us into the ceremony where Peace Boat founder Yoshioka Tatsuya, nonviolent defense pioneer Mel Duncan and Save Sinjajevina activists Milan Sekulovic and Petra Glomavic talk about their inspiring achievements, introduced or joined by friends and allies Ann Wright, John Reuwer, Rosemary Kabaki, Leah Bolger, Pablo Dominguez and Persida Jovanovic. With live music by Ron Korb. Also including a chat with World BEYOND War’s development director Alex McAdams about the organization’s exciting growth.

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Episode 28: The Life of Activism with Jodie Evans

Jodie Evans learned about civil disobedience from Jane Fonda as a teenage activist in the late 1960s, and is still being arrested with Jane Fonda in 2021. Along the way, she worked on the disruptive presidential campaign of Jerry Brown, co-founded CODE PINK with Medea Benjamin, and travelled on peace delegations to North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. Today she is leading “China is Not Our Enemy”, with an urgent message of cross-cultural bridge-building as a remedy for insane hyper-militarism. For the 28th episode of the World Beyond War podcast, Marc Eliot Stein interviews Jodie Evans about her remarkable life of peace activism. Musical excerpt: George Harrison.

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Episode 27: High Tech Weapons and Artificial Intelligence

USA’s investment in high-tech weapons and military artificial intelligence is rapidly accelerating, as Microsoft and Amazon enter the top ranks of corrupt military profiteers. The people are completely left out of the conversation as our governments devote billions of dollars to the grotesque science of mass murder, and our familiar tech giants betray our trust. Jan Weinberg of Show Up America joins Marc Eliot Stein to talk about Project JEDI, Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2), killer robots, “Black Mirror”, facial recognition, surveillance clouds, autonomous nuclear weapons triggers, the Senate Armed Services committee and the need for greater investigative journalism on this topic. Musical excerpt: “American Idiot” by Green Day.

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Episode 26: A Virtual Antiwar Gathering

We cover the #NoWar2021 global peace gathering in real time, featuring on-the-spot interviews with antiwar activists Julie Watkins, John Reuwer, Bart Bolger, Kate Jones, Margaret Rao, Noel Marshall, Donnal Walter, Scott Oates, Jean Cushman, Pauline Mary Lally, Terri Sleeva, Paul Maillet and Maryam Ahmad. Thanks to all who participated in this on-the-spot podcast episode at World BEYOND War’s #NoWar2021 virtual annual conference. Excerpt from a poem by El Jones.

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Episode 25: What Can the Antiwar Movement Do For Palestine and Gaza?

Hammam Farah of Palestine House in Toronto and Ariel Gold of CODEPINK join Marc Eliot Stein to talk about the crucial role the antiwar movement can and must play in Israel, Palestine and Gaza. Our in-depth conversation ranges from the experience of apartheid and urban bombardment in Gaza to the rising influence of Kahanism in Israel to the history of Hamas. An overview of a region in crisis, and of a global antiwar movement that must help find the path to peace.

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Episode 24: Fasting for Peace in Canada

Two of our guests, Vanessa Lanteigne and Dr. Brendan Martin, are on day 12 of a fast to protest Canada’s purchase of 88 fighter jets. We’re also joined by World BEYOND War’s Canada organizer Rachel Small to talk about commitment to difficult protest actions, Canada’s growing militarism, the No Fighter Jets movement, Yemen, Kathy Kelly, Tamara Lorincz, George Monbiot, Gandhi, Ursula LeGuin, Pope Francis, Cambridge Analytica and more. Hosted by Marc Eliot Stein. Musical excerpt “We can do it” by Amai Kuda et les Bois.

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Episode 23: Chapter Leaders In Cameroon, Canada and Germany

World BEYOND War’s chapter leaders build regional movements to address a global problem. In this episode, Guy Feugap of Yaoundé, Cameroon, Helen Peacock of South Georgian Bay, Canada and Heinrich Buecker of Berlin, Germany join Marc Eliot Stein to talk about the activist chapters they run and the shared hopes and motivations behind the work they do. We talk about peace education and violence indoctrination, Erica Chenoweth, Defender21 and the right-wing resurgence in Europe. Musical excerpt: “Pigs” by Roger Waters.

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Episode 22: Activism and the Imagination with Vanessa Veselka and Rivera Sun

Fiction writers are accustomed to seeing the layers of motivation and conflict that drive the plots around us. In this special episode of the World BEYOND War podcast, we welcome two novelists, Vanessa Veselka (“The Great Offshore Grounds”, “Zazen”) and Rivera Sun (“The Way Between”, “The Dandelion Insurrection”) who each have unique backgrounds in activism and organizing. We talk about the hero’s journey, the way protest actions can change our lives, labor unions, anger, nonviolence and sexual violence, leadership, Sharon Blackie, Leo Tolstoy and the problem of conquest activism. Hosted by Marc Eliot Stein. Musical excerpt: “Wonderous Stories” by Yes.

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Episode 21: Gandhi’s Science of Peace with Suman Khanna Aggarwal

Suman Khanna Aggarwal, Gandhian scholar and President of the Shanti Sahyog center for nonviolence and conflict resolution in New Delhi, India talks to Marc Eliot Stein about her organization’s work and her own journey towards an understanding of Gandhian nonviolence, the science of peace and the discipline of conflict resolution. We also talk about global peace movements, Richard Attenborough’s movie, spirituality, Tolstoy, Socrates and controversial aspects of Mahatma Gandhi’s life. Musical excerpt: “Satyagraha” by Philip Glass.

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Episode 20: This Is America

What’s wrong with the USA? And what can we do about it? Six dedicated peace activists and World BEYOND War board members from different parts of the troubled North American country known as the United States gather in this episode to talk about Trumpism, cultural divides, Green New Deal, deeper issues and hopeful solutions. Donnal Walter, Odile Hugonot Haber, Gar Smith, John Reuwer and Alice Slater of Arkansas, Michigan, California, Vermont and New York join host Marc Eliot Stein for a free-wheeling discussion. Musical excerpts: Childish Gambino, Bruce Springsteen.

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Episode 19: Emerging Activists on Five Continents

Roundtable discussion with five young emerging activists in five continents: Alejandra Rodriguez in Colombia, Laiba Khan in India, Mélina Villeneuve in UK, Christine Odera in Kenya, Sayako Aizeki-Nevins in USA. We talk about cross-generational activism, education and history curriculums, legacies of war, poverty, racism and colonialism, the impact of climate change and the current pandemic on activist movements, and what motivates each of us in the work we do. Hosted by Marc Eliot Stein and World BEYOND War’s education director Phill Gittins. Musical excerpt: Shawn Mendes.

Episode 18: A Celebration of Kevin Zeese with Margaret Flowers

A roundtable tribute to lifelong activist and Popular Resistance co-founder Kevin Zeese with Margaret Flowers and World BEYOND War’s David Swanson, Leah Bolger, Pat Elder and Marc Eliot Stein. Music by Traveling Wilburys.

Episode 17: Digging Deeper With Nicholson Baker, And A Song By Margin Zheng

Part Two of our interview with Nicholson Baker, author of “Baseless: My Search For Secrets In The Ruins Of The Information Act”. We talk about the CIA’s unethical past, the Korean War, today’s antiwar movements, psychological warfare against historians, gaslighting, Obama, Trump, the effectiveness of nonviolent protest. Also featuring the song “When I See You Cry” and a brief interview with the young peace activist composer Margin Zheng.

Episode 16: Digging Up Permasecrets: A Talk With Nicholson Baker (Part One)

Episode 16 of the World BEYOND War podcast features Nicholson Baker, whose important new book “Baseless: My Search For Secrets in the Ruins of the Freedom of Information Act” is about the US military and CIA’s past secret experiments with biological warfare, and about the author and historian’s attempts to get the information about these disturbing secrets that he is legally entitled to. Part one of Marc Eliot Stein’s in-depth two-part conversation with antiwar activist, novelist and historian Nicholson Baker ranges over topics including permasecrets, cultural archives, Joseph Pulitzer, the Korean War, bat vector bombs, psychological warfare, gaslighting and police brutality videos. We also check in with World BEYOND War’s president Leah Bolger and new social media manager Alessandra Granelli about the organization’s latest activities.

Episode 15: Miles Megaciph: From US Marine to Hiphop Artist and Peace Activist

Miles Megaciph talks to World BEYOND War’s Marc Eliot Stein about his life journey from a US Marine stationed near Guantanamo Bay and on Okinawa to a life of peace activism, hiphop performance and protest in USA. We talk about poverty, life on a Marine base, George Floyd, optimism, inspiration, music, marriage and fatherhood. Music by Miles Megaciph.

Episode 14: A Global Look at the Pandemic

From Milan to Caracas to Tehran to Brooklyn and everywhere else, peace activists around the world are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic in vastly different ways. We speak with Jeannie Toschi Marazzani Visconti, who was organizing a global peace gathering in northern Italy at the time coronavirus shut her city down, and with Gabriel Aguirre, who describes how Venezuelans are staying unified while struggling with immoral sanctions. Thanks to Doug Tyler for translation. Music: “Paths That Cross” by Patti Smith.

Episode 13: Visual Voices with Piril Torgut

Piril Torgut is a young Cypriot artist who paints visceral images of a marine world. Visual Voices is a global organization that finds artists who can help heal the troubled real world. In this episode of the World BEYOND War podcast, Piril Torgut joins Alden Jacobs and Marina Neophytou of Visual Voices join Marc Eliot Stein and Greta Zarro for an unrestrained conversation about art, violence, the Greek/Turkish conflict in Cyprus, and our methods of finding hope through art. Music: “What The Water Gave Me” by Florence + the Machine.

All Episodes:

Episode 12: Intersections in Ottawa #NoWar2020 with Katie Perfitt, Colin Stuart and Alex McAdams

Episode 11: Our Friends in Tehran with Shahrzad Khayatian and Foad Izadi

Episode 10: Crisis in Bolivia with Medea Benjamin and Ivan Velasquez

Episode 9: Peace Activists in Ireland with Barry Sweeney and #NoWar2019 Excerpts from Mairead Maguire and John Maguire

Episode 8: Educating for Peace with Tony Jenkins, Patrick Hiller, and Kozue Akibayashi

Episode 7: War and Environment with Ashik Siddique and Alex Beauchamp

Episode 6: Fiction and Activism with Roxana Robinson and Dawn Tripp

Episode 5: Taking Stock: How is the Antiwar Movement Doing? with David Swanson and Leah Bolger

Episode 4: Art and Activism with Kim Fraczek and Vy vu

Episode 3: Inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC with Margaret Flowers and Pat Elder

Episode 2: Talking About #NoToNATO with Greta Zarro, Marc Eliot Stein, Shabbir Lakha and Liz Remmerswaal Hughes

Episode 1: Fifth Anniversary Roundtable with David Hartsough, David Swanson, Leah Bolger

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