On the World BEYOND War Podcast: Taking Stock of the Antiwar Movement

By Marc Eliot Stein, June 29, 2019

We devoted the latest episode of the World BEYOND War podcast to a fundamental question: how is the antiwar movement doing right now? Peace and social justice activists are scrambling to keep up with a surreal level of reckless provocations and unbearable atrocities around the world, from Gaza to Venezuela to Yemen to Iran. How is the antiwar movement managing to respond to all these urgent situations at once, while also rebuilding itself for the future?

It’s a serious question and we called in some of the core folks from World BEYOND War to discuss it. Executive director David Swanson and board president Leah Bolger join Greta Zarro and myself for an intensive and no-holds-barred talk about the kinds of questions we ask ourselves often. A few quotes from this hour:

“There are many successes in preventing war that are never celebrated, never marked on a calendar. The important thing is to continue the work.” – David Swanson

“What’s most egregious about capitalism is that once making money for shareholders becomes the overriding motivator, moral values and humanity go by the wayside.” – Leah Bolger

“I see more hands-on approaches to activism from young people, changing their food habits, their lifestyle habits, their careers.” – Greta Zarro

“If this horrific, absurd US war with Iran were to begin, I want to know that the different antiwar organizations around the world can work together.” – Marc Eliot Stein

“The peace movement is far more expansive, energized and effective than what you would think from watching television or reading newspapers.” – David Swanson

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