Episode 30: Glasgow and the Carbon Bootprint with Tim Pluta

Protestors outside COP26 in Glasgow, November 2021

By Marc Eliot Stein, November 23, 2021

Our latest podcast episode features an interview about the antiwar protests outside the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow with Tim Pluta, World BEYOND War’s chapter organizer in Asturias, Spain. Tim joined a coalition to protest COP26’s weak stance on the “carbon bootprint”, the disastrous abuse of fossil fuels by military forces that USA and other nations refuse to acknowledge.

Host Marc Eliot Stein talks to Tim about his experience on the streets of COP26 along with Nancy Mancias and Greta Thunberg, about his life as a veteran turned peace activist, and about the mood of political conservatism in Spain. We also talk about Tim’s chapter’s efforts to call local attention to Spain’s two US military bases, and about hopes for a rising consciousness in Europe and the world. Tim’s own account of the Glasgow protests in November 2021 is here: “Say It Ain’t So, Joe!”

The World BEYOND War monthly podcast highlights the personal stories of antiwar activists, and is free on all podcast streaming platforms.

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Musical excerpt for this episode: “La Rata” by Mala Rodriguez.

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