World BEYOND War Podcast Episode 26: A Virtual Antiwar Gathering

By Marc Eliot Stein, June 29, 2021

We cover the #NoWar2021 global peace gathering in real time! World BEYOND War’s annual conference was a virtual event for the second year in a row in 2021. As the exciting and informative three-day conference was taking place, the World BEYOND War podcast was hosting on-the-spot interviews in a virtual podcast booth. We chatted with attendees about the panels, workshops and sessions as they were taking place, about their own personal motivations for attending this conference, and about their own ideas, hopes and concerns as antiwar activists. In three days of conversations we covered a lot of topics: socialism, indigenous cultures, democracy, nonviolent communication, police abuse and militarism, the legacy of Barbara Marx Hubbard, philosophy of pacifism, the war in Yemen, the potential power of our global community of antiwar activists.

In this hour-long episode, we meet and hear from Julie Watkins, John Reuwer, Bart Bolger, Kate Jones, Margaret Rao, Noel Marshall, Donnal Walter, Scott Oates, Jean Cushman, Pauline Mary Lally, Terri Sleeva, Paul Maillet and Maryam Ahmad. Thanks to all who participated in this on-the-spot podcast episode at World BEYOND War’s #NoWar2021 virtual annual conference. Excerpt from a poem by El Jones.

Quotes from this episode:

“World Beyond War is where some people talk like I do.” – Julie Watkins

“It’s all of us. I just want to make sure whenever antiwar activists talk, we say ‘we’. We have to do it together” – Marc Eliot Stein

“We need something like this. Let’s live up to the title ‘World Beyond War’.” – Terri Sleeva

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