Peace Activists in Ireland: New World BEYOND War Podcast Featuring Barry Sweeney, Mairead Maguire, John Maguire

World Beyond War: A New Podcast

By Marc Eliot Stein, October 30, 2019

If our podcast episodes were 20 hours long, we could have covered and excerpted all the great speakers and activists who gathered with us in Limerick, Ireland earlier this month for #NoWar2019, our annual World BEYOND War global peace conference, and marched with us outside Shannon Airport to protest its illegal use by the US military.

But our podcast episodes are only an hour long, so we had the pleasure of an in-depth conversation with Barry Sweeney, who did much of the groundwork for this epic gathering, and has lots of thoughts about war and peace and Irish history to share. We also review and discuss brief excerpts from two notable Irish peace activists from their talks at the conference: Nobel Peace laureate Mairead Maguire and Afri/Action activist and professor John Maguire. Here are pictures of all three guests outside Shannon Airport on the final day of #NoWar2019, and some quotes from the podcast.

Mairead Maguire outside Shannon Airport at #NoWar2019
Mairead Maguire

“We never ask does love exists. We all know love exists. When people say peace is impossible, I say ‘is love possible?’ Of course it is. It’s part of human nature. So is peace.” – Mairead Maguire

John Maguire Mairead Maguire outside Shannon Airport at #NoWar2019
John Maguire

“The thrill of militarism. It’s a poison.” – John Maguire

Barry Sweeney Mairead Maguire outside Shannon Airport at #NoWar2019
Barry Sweeney

“We have the power. We can do anything we want. Any social progress that ever happened comes from us, it doesn’t come from the politicians.” – Barry Sweeney

This is our ninth World BEYOND War podcast episode, and we remain dedicated to bringing you fresh and surprising perspectives covering a wide range of antiwar themes with each episode. You can subscribe to our podcast via any of the following services:

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