Educating For Peace: New Podcast Episode Featuring Tony Jenkins, Patrick Hiller, Kozue Akibayashi

World Beyond War: A New Podcast

By Marc Eliot Stein, September 18, 2019

What do peace educators do? On this month’s episode of the World BEYOND War podcast, we talk to three professional peace educators from various backgrounds: Tony Jenkins, managing director of the International Institute of Peace Education and a teacher at Georgetown University and elsewhere, Patrick Hiller is a peace scientist who teaches at Portland State University and has produced a documentary on “The Evolution of a Global Peace System”, and Kozue Akibayashi, professor of Global Studies at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan and an activist with International Women’s Network against Militarism.

Tony Jenkins
Tony Jenkins
Patrick Hiller
Patrick Hiller
Kozue Akibayashi
Kozue Akibayashi

Both Tony Jenkins and Patrick Hiller are core contributors to the book that describes World BEYOND War’s platform for world peace: A Global Security System. We talk about this book in this podcast episode, and touch upon many experiences that touch upon the world of peace education, including the need to confront personal legacies of violence and abusive patterns of power while learning and contemplating the world’s challenges.

A few quotes from our guests during this roundtable interview:

“They just provided scientific evidence that nations are 100 times more likely to intervene with their military when there is oil in the other nation. Think about that: it seems like common sense, but sometimes we need science to support the common sense.” – Patrick Hiller

“I see some hope … in deepening awareness about gender equality, particularly among young people. Having been in the field of feminist peace studies and research and activism, our conviction is that war or conflict start at home, or probably in your most intimate relationship.” Kozue Akibayashi

My mind goes back to Margaret Mead, where we find great hope is in the idea that she expressed in terms of understanding war as a human invention. The good news of that from Margaret Mead’s perspective is that she identified that human inventions have faded away when certain conditions have been met.” – Tony Jenkins

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