Timi Barabas: Hungary to Aotearoa to New York for Peace

Timi Barabas and Marc Eliot Stein recording podcast episode at a picnic table in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Timi Barabas and Marc Eliot Stein recording a podcast episode in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

By Marc Eliot Stein, August 29, 2022

“I went to my school and asked, hi guys, do you know about Yemen? Nobody even knew it existed. I said, Okay, this needs to change.” – Timi Barabas on the World BEYOND War podcast

At the age of 16, Hungarian-born Timi Barabas heard a song that inspired her to become an activist. Today, at the age of 20, she has founded organizations for climate awareness, anti-bullying, suicide prevention and poverty relief, and with her team at Rise For Lives, a new youth-focused global antiwar organization, led a large protest in New Zealand to raise awareness of the war in Yemen.

Marc Eliot Stein and Timi Barabas
Marc Eliot Stein and Timi Barabas

We caught up with this amazing and unstoppable youth leader in New York City where she is working to find and discuss possible solutions for the war in Ukraine. We met in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and talked about Timi’s childhood in Budapest, her sudden emergence as a youth activist, and what she’s been experiencing as she travels the world in pursuit of her ideals. Our outdoor interview in a crowded area of a park turned out to be slightly noisy (we left in a false start as our attempted introduction was interrupted by the sound of sirens). What comes through loud and clear, though, is the sincerity and deep devotion of an emerging progressive activist with a passion for collaboration, conversation and leadership.

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