WBW News & Action: Moving Money from Killing to Living

War and the Environment: July 6 to August 16, 2020: This course starts soon and is rapidly filling up. Instructors will include: • World BEYOND War Co-Founder and Executive Director: David Swanson • Cutting-edge political activist and writer: Brent Patterson […]

WBW News & Action: War and Environment, a new online course

By World BEYOND War, June 15, 2020 War and the Environment: July 6 to August 16, 2020: Grounded in research on peace and ecological security, this course focuses on the relationship between two existential threats: war and environmental catastrophe. We […]

Protesters on canoes display placard as construction workers dumped a truckload of sediment on the ground and bulldozed it into the sea at Henoko on Okinawa’s east coast to build a runway for a Marine Corps base, Friday, Dec. 14, 2018. Japan's central government started main reclamation work Friday at a disputed U.S. military base relocation site on the southern island of Okinawa despite fierce local opposition. (Koji Harada/Kyodo News via AP)

WBW News & Action: Global Skills Exchange

Are you an artist, musician, chef, or world-renowned bridge player — or just someone who likes to paint, strum a guitar, cook family recipes, or play cards — and willing to donate your time? World BEYOND War is holding a […]

Peace Almanac

WBW News & Action: Audio Peace Almanac Available

The World BEYOND War Peace Almanac is now available in audio consisting of 365 two-minute segments, one for each day of the year, free to radio stations, podcasts, and everyone else. The Peace Almanac (also available in text) lets you […]

WBW News & Action: Mapping Militarism 2020

A new collection of maps displays what militarism looks like in the world. Included are these topics: Wars, Weapons, U.S. Weapons, Money, Nukes, Chemical and Biological, U.S. Military, Air Strikes, Law, and Promotes Peace and Security. See the maps. World […]

WBW News & Action: Ceasefire Without Cease

The global ceasefire is advancing, and we’re learning about two nations reportedly standing in the way. We need this temporary ceasefire, so that we can make it permanent. We also need to expand it to include weapons production and shipments, […]

WBW News & Action: The Weapon that Kills the Most

Sign the petition. See and add to what we know about which countries are complying here. CANSEC 2020 has been officially cancelled! Only after massive public pressure from our coalition, 7,700+ letters sent, and 19 days after a pandemic was […]

WBW News & Action: 20 Dictators Backed by the U.S. Government

Despite the growing coronavirus pandemic, the CANSEC 2020 weapons show is still scheduled for Ottawa May 27 and 28. CANSEC is billed as “North America’s largest trilateral defence event” and is expected to attract 12,000 government and military officials and […]

WBW News & Action: Ending All War Video

New Video: Ending All War — With Martin Sheen Share on Youtube and Facebook and Twitter. Sign the Declaration of Peace. We Oppose the Defender 2020 NATO War Rehearsals on Russia’s Border As citizens of the world, we all support […]

WBW News & Action: How to Do Nonviolent Action

Countdown to #NoWar2020, May 26-31, Ottawa, Canada #NoWar2020, World BEYOND War’s 5th global convergence, is coming up on May 29-30 in Ottawa. #NoWar2020 is unlike any conference we’ve organized before. #1: We’re timing the conference to coincide with CANSEC, Canada’s […]