Human Beings Without Rights: A Talk With Robert Fantina

Robert Fantina

By Marc Eliot Stein, September 30, 2022

Robert Fantina’s new book Settler-Colonialism in Palestine and Kashmir breaks down the massive human rights violations in two regions where populations are manipulated to remove people from their longtime homes, or to make life unlivable in their homes. On episode 40 of the World BEYOND War podcast, I talked to Bob about his new book, and about the need to call attention to the victims of settler-colonialism in the world today.

This book makes a unique effort to raise awareness about two different crises in different parts of the world, and will hopefully help global advocates for the human beings who live without rights and are abused by hostile governments in Palestine and in Kashmir by highlighting the systematic and intentional nature of this abuse. In this interview, Robert and I pay special attention to the Hindutva movement in India, and to India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s disturbing exploitation of anti-Muslim hatred and violence in support of his party’s rise to power.

We also talk about  the long history of colonialism, the legacy of Gandhi’s nonviolence movement in India, US military bases, the shocking assassination by Israeli armed forces of the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, the powerful new Ken Burns documentary “US and the Holocaust” which highlights the immorality of anti-refugee immigration policies, the book Tell Me No Lies by John Pilger, and what it means and what it takes to physically leave the United States of America in order to take a stand against its imperial impact on a troubled world.

I appreciated the chance to interview longtime World BEYOND War board member Robert Fantina in the month that marks my five year anniversary as part of the World BEYOND War community of activists. Bob Fantina was one of the people I met during my original introduction to this organization, and I learned a lot about his personal and very sincere commitment to peace and human values by spending this hour in conversation with him. Please listen to this powerful and informative episode. Musical excerpt: “War All The Time” by Thursday.

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