Who We Are

wbwyellow750World BEYOND War is a global nonviolent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace.

We aim to create awareness of popular support for ending war and to further develop that support. We work to advance the idea of not just preventing any particular war but abolishing the entire institution.

We strive to replace a culture of war with one of peace in which nonviolent means of conflict resolution take the place of bloodshed.

World BEYOND War was begun January 1, 2014.

While public opinion has moved against war, we intend to seize this moment to crystallize that opinion into a movement that spreads awareness that war can be ended, that its ending is hugely popular, that war should be ended as it endangers rather than protects — and harms rather than benefits — and that there are steps we can and must take to move toward war’s reduction and abolition.

War is not ending on its own. It is being confronted by popular resistance. But too often that resistance takes the form of denouncing one war as unacceptable (in contrast to theoretical good wars), or opposing a war because it leaves a military ill-prepared for other wars, or rejecting a weapon or a tactic as less proper than others, or opposing wasteful military spending in favor of greater efficiency (as if the entire enterprise were not an economic waste and a moral abomination). Our goal is to support steps away from war and to spread understanding of them as just that — steps in the direction of war’s elimination.

Peace is not free.  We need your support if we are to reach all of those who would like to be with us or who can be persuaded to stand with us.

We are building something truly international, connecting people and organizations, and adding support to antiwar endeavors of all kinds around the world. This is a global campaign of education, lobbying, and nonviolent direct action.

Learn more about World BEYOND War in PDF flyers, including this Case Statement, and our 2018 Annual Report.

Here are quotes from some people involved.

Here are graphics with more quotes from people involved and voices of wisdom from the past.

Here’s our speakers bureau.

Please consider signing on too, if you haven’t already. And add your own quote when you do!

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You can write to us at World BEYOND War, 513 E Main St #1484, Charlottesville VA 22902 USA or contact us here.

Please support our work by sending donations (tax-deductible in the U.S.). Make the check out to World Beyond War/AFGJ. Send donations to World BEYOND War, 513 E Main St #1484, Charlottesville VA 22902 USA, or donate online here using credit card. Checks must be made out to “World BEYOND War / AFGJ” or we can’t deposit them.


World BEYOND War is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and various volunteer committees, which are constantly looking for new members. Please let us know if you’d like to join.

Board of Directors currently includes:
Leah Bolger, President — U.S.
David Swanson — U.S.
Alice Slater — U.S.
Odile Hugonot Haber — U.S./France
Barry Sweeney — Italy
Gar Smith — U.S.
Donnal Walter — U.S.
Pat Elder — U.S.
Marc Eliot Stein — U.S.
Liz Remmerswaal Hughes — New Zealand
John Reuwer — U.S.
Foad Izadi — Iran

David Hartsough
David Swanson


Executive Director:
David Swanson

Organizing Director:
Greta Zarro

Education Director:
Phill Gittins

Technology and Social Media Director:
Marc Eliot Stein

Development Director:
Alex McAdams

The events map on this website is updated by:
Barry Sweeney

World BEYOND War Advisory Board includes:
Mairead Maguire
Kathy Kelly
Kevin Zeese
Maria Santelli
Hakim Young
Gareth Porter
Ann Wright
Medea Benjamin
Johan Galtung
David Hartsough
Patrick Hiller
Matthew Hoh
Dennis Kucinich
Rivera Sun
Tony Jenkins
Krishen Mehta

World BEYOND War is run largely by volunteers who devote their time for free. And we are largely funded by very small donations, which in some cases are certainly a greater sacrifice than are larger donations for other individuals. We are extremely grateful to every volunteer and donor, although we don’t have room to thank them all, and many prefer to be anonymous. Special thanks to:
Our recurring donors and to
Cove Charitable Trust
Donnal Walter
The Puffin Foundation
Christopher and LuAnne Hormel of the Fire Monkey Fund of RSF Social Finance
Home Rule Globally
John Vechey
Jubitz Family Foundation
Wallace Action Fund
Stephen Clemens
Angeliki V. Keil
Deb Sawyer
Wayne Martinson
Medea Benjamin
Peter Selby
Josh Mitteldorf
Robert Barkley
Paddy Welles
William McLaughlin
Nancy Weaver
Arthur Milholland
Robin Lloyd
Helen Alexander

World BEYOND War is a member of the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, the Divest from the War Machine Coalition, the Global Day Against Military Spending, the International Peace Bureau, the Korea Collaboration Network, the Poor People’s Campaign, United for Peace and Justice, the United National Antiwar Coalition,  the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, the international network No to war – no to NATO, Overseas Base Realignment and Closure Coalition.

“What I appreciate most about World Beyond War is that it does not ruminate on the pluses and minuses of each military intervention but takes a clear, principled, courageous and unequivocal stand that war is bad, period, and that our job as global citizens is stop all ongoing wars and prevent new ones. This breaks through the fog of ‘humanitarian interventions’ and ‘just wars’ to paint a vision of how we must evolve as a civilization if we are to survive, and that is, precisely, a world beyond war. Bravo!” —Medea Benjamin

World BEYOND War’s privacy policy.

You can write to us at World BEYOND War, 513 E Main St #1484, Charlottesville VA 22902 USA or through the form below. Please support our work by sending donations. Send donations to World BEYOND War, 513 E Main St #1484, Charlottesville VA 22902 USA, or donate online here using credit card or Paypal. Make a U.S. check or international money order to: World BEYOND War/AFGJ. (You have to add AFGJ or we can’t deposit it!) Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor for details.


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