Christine Achieng Odera, Advisory Board Member

Christine Achieng Odera is a Member of the Advisory Board of World BEYOND War. She is based in Kenya. Christine is a fierce advocate for Peace and Security and Human Rights. She has gathered over 5 years’ experience in Youth Networks and alliance building, Programing, advocacy, policy, Intercultural and experimental learning, mediation and research. Her understanding of Youth peace and security issues has propelled her into active engagement in designing and influencing policy, programming and documentation of various peace and security projects for organizations and governments. She is among the founders and Country Coordinator for Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN) in Kenya, the Program office manager for School for international Training (SIT) Kenya. She served as a board member of the Organization for Intercultural Education OFIE- Kenya (AFS-Kenya) where she is also a Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study YES Program alumna. Presently she helped form the Horn of Africa Youth Network (HoAYN) where she co-chairs the East Africa Youth Empowerment Forum on Youth and Security.  Christine holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations (Peace and conflict Studies) from United States International University Africa (USIU-A) in Kenya.

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