Pro-Peace and Anti-War Education

World BEYOND War believes that education is a critical component of a global security system and an essential tool for getting us there.

We educate both about and for the abolition of war. Our educational resources are based on knowledge and research that expose the myths of war and illuminate the proven nonviolent, peaceful alternatives that can bring us authentic security. Of course, knowledge is only useful when it’s applied. Thus we also encourage citizens to reflect upon critical questions and engage in dialogue with peers toward challenging assumptions of the war system. These forms of critical, reflective learning have been well documented to support increased political efficacy and action for system change.

Educational Resources

Online Courses

Upcoming Courses:
War Abolition 201: Oct 10 – Nov 20, 2022

With what do we replace the war system? What truly makes us secure? What are the moral, social, political, philosophical and pragmatic foundations of an alternative global security system – a system in which peace is pursued by peaceful means?

Ending War 101 – A course for Rotarians on how to create a peaceful world: August 1 – September 18, 2022 online course registration

How can we make the best argument for shifting from war to peace? What must we understand and know about the war system if we are to dismantle it? How can we become more effective advocates and activists for ending particular wars, ending all wars, pursuing disarmament, and creating systems that maintain peace? These questions and more will be explored in Ending War 101: How We Create a Peaceful World.

Peace Education and Action for Impact

An Education and Activism Course for Youth, Debuted in 2021, Planned Anew for 2022

Learn more about this collaboration between World BEYOND War, Rotary, and Rotary Action Group for Peace.

Organizing 101

A Course You Can Take Free at Any Time

World BEYOND War’s Organizing 101 course is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of grassroots organizing. Whether you are a prospective World BEYOND War chapter coordinator or already have an established chapter, this course will help you hone your organizing skills.

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