Seth Kinyua

Seth Kinua is World BEYOND War Development Intern.

Jambo! My name is Seth Kinyua from Nairobi, Kenya. From a young age, I was exposed to the tragic effects of war as my parents hosted refugees fleeing the conflicts in Sudan and the DRC. Those early, formative experiences birthed a deep desire to play my part in serving the most vulnerable, and I have since had the privilege of serving refugees in the States, the Middle East, and Kenya. I have a Bachelor’s in International Communication and Intercultural Studies from Asbury University (2020), and I’ve just begun my Master’s in Humanitarian & Disaster Leadership from Wheaton College.

I am thrilled for this opportunity to work with World BEYOND War as the Development Stewardship intern, and I look forward to greatly learning from this experience and lending my skills towards working for a world where war is no more.

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