Liz Remmerswaal Hughes

Liz Remmerswaal Hughes is Vice President and a Member of the Board of Directors of World BEYOND War. She is based in New Zealand.

World BEYOND War Board Member and National Coordinator of WBW Aotearoa New Zealand Liz Remmerswaal in April 2022 stepped up to the new role of WBW Vice President alongside new President Kathy Kelly.

Liz is a former Vice President of the NZ  Womens International League for Peace and Freedom and won the Sonya Davies Peace Award in 2017 , enabling her to study peace literacy with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in California.

The daughter and granddaughter of soldiers, she has a background in journalism, community organising, environmental activism, and local body politics.

Liz runs a radio show called ‘Peace Witness’, works with the CODEPINK ‘China is not our enemy’ campaign and is keen on networking and creating government departments promoting peace making.

She lives at the beach in Haumoana, Hawkes Bay, on the east coast of the north island, with her husband and their empty nest now their children are grown and spread around three countries.

Liz is also keen on peace films and creative peace building activities such as installing peace poles in partnership with the community.

She is a Quaker and on the NZ Peace Foundation’s International Affairs and Disarmament Committee.

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