Maria Santelli

Maria Santelli is a member of the Advisory Board of World BEYOND War. She is based in the United States.

Maria has been the director of the Center on Conscience & War (CCW) since 2011. CCW is a 75 year-old organization that works to extend and defend the rights of conscientious objectors to war. Before coming to CCW, Maria was an organizer in New Mexico where she developed the Another Side: Truth in Military Recruiting project, bringing combat and other veterans into the classroom to expose the myths and realities behind the recruiters’ sales pitch. In 2008, Maria founded the New Mexico GI Rights Hotline to provide direct services and resources to members of the military and to be a leading voice statewide on issues of military paricipation and war, including conscientious objection, military sexual violence, PTSD and Moral Injury, and truth in recruitment.

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