WBW News & Action: Peace Season

December 16 Webinar: Peace through Permaculture & Farming. How do we tackle something as large as the twin threats of war and climate change? This unique webinar will explore the intersections between permaculture, farming, simple living, and anti-war activism. Join us!


Iran: This cannot wait. There is a brief opening for peace. Sign and share the petition now.

We’re Putting Up New Billboards In Germany And United States. More about that here. Help fund billboards around the world here.

Join Code Pink, Beyond The Bomb, Women Cross The DMZ And World BEYOND War For “How To Avoid A War In Asia” on Tuesday, Dec 15, 5:00 PM Pacific Time (GMT-8). Panelists: Hyun Lee: National Organizer, Women Cross the DMZ; Jodie Evans: Co-Founder, Code Pink; Molly Hurley: Organizer, Beyond the Bomb; David Swanson: Exec. Director, World BEYOND War; Leah Bolger: Board President, World BEYOND War. Register here.

Support WBW by buying gifts: This holiday season, consider giving a symbol of peace with WBW’s sky blue peace scarf. With a $25 donation you can give or get one scarf, with any additional scarves for $20 here. We can mail scarves the day your order.

Also visit WBW’s Teespring clothing store.

Volunteer Spotlight: Katelyn Entzeroth: “The [WBW] course opened my eyes to the social and environmental devastation wrought by imperialism and militarism while addressing why we often don’t hear about the military’s role from larger environmental nonprofit organizations …. demilitarization is crucial to protecting people and planet in the long-term.” Read Katelyn’s story.

We just helped prevent a particularly awful nomination for U.S. Secretary of “Defense.” Here’s how.

Watch these videos from recent online events:

Watch this new video: “Educating About and For the Abolition of War.”

Watch this new video with WBW Board Member Alice Slater.

Portland, Oregon, residents are working to demilitarize policing. So can you.

Find upcoming events and add your own on the events list and map here. Most are online events that can be participated in from anywhere on earth.

WorldBEYONDWar is a global network of volunteers, activists, and allied organizations advocating for the abolition of the very institution of war. Our success is driven by a people-powered movement –
support our work for a culture of peace.

World BEYOND War 513 E Main St #1484 Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA

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Checks must be made out to World BEYOND War.

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