Teach-in: US Aggression On China: Laying Out The Problem

In the face of growing, bipartisan US aggression on China, misinformation, racist narratives, and warmongering make it difficult to understand the situation clearly. It is the responsibility of all people who hope for a world without war, discrimination, and marginalization to understand the situation and do what we can to make a change. Join us for the first in a two-part teach in to hear from diverse voices from different sectors of society as we lay out the problem: Why is the US escalating economic, ideological, and with threats of military aggression on China? How is this being done? What are the stakes?


Mikaela Erskog – Pan Africa Today and TriContinental: Institute for Social Research

Tings Chak– Dong Feng Collective and Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research

Kenneth Hammond – New Mexico State University and Pivot to Peace

Alice Slater– International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

Danny Haiphong- Black Agenda Report and No Cold War

Vijay Prashad– TriContinental: Institute for Social Research

Moderated by Jodie Evans– CODEPINK: Women for Peace

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