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Myths Myth: War Is Beneficial (summary)

Myth: War Is Beneficial (summary)

W ars do not benefit the people where they are waged, and do not benefit nations that send their militaries abroad to wage wars. Nor do wars help to uphold the rule of law — quite the reverse. Good outcomes […]

Why End War War Impoverishes Us (summary)

War Impoverishes Us (summary)

War and other violence cost the world $9.46 trillion in 2012. Direct Expenses: War has a huge direct financial cost, the vast majority of which is in funds spent on the preparation for war — or what’s thought of as […]


Events to Help Bring About a World Beyond War

Let us know about any event you’re planning. Resources with which to create an event. Calendar of important peace holidays. Events list: 2015 March 4-6 – Shut Down Creech (also here) March 5-8 Berlin, Germany: Congress of the Society for […]

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Find dozens of great images and short statements from supporters of WorldBeyondWar and famous past opponents of war. You can submit a photo of yourself with 1 sentence on why you want to end war, and we’ll add it here. […]

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The German Drone Campaign (Drohnen-Kampagne) sends greetings of solidarity for your courageous actions on March 4th-6th in Nevada to “Shut Down Creech!” The German Drone Campaign was founded in March 2013. Since then nearly 150 organizations and tens of thousands […]

Veterans to Drone Operators: “We will help you if you decide you cannot kill.”

Veterans groups are offering support to Drone Operators and Support Personnel who decide they no longer want to participate in drone assassinations. Veterans For Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War have joined with peace activists from around the U.S. […]

Are Pilots Deserting Washington’s Remote-Control War?

A New Form of War May Be Producing a New Form of Mental Disturbance  By Pratap Chatterjee, TomDispatch The U.S. drone war across much of the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa is in crisis and not because civilians are […]

How Did Syria Get Here?

How Did Syria Get Here?

By David Swanson Wars may be how Americans learn geography, but do they always learn the history of how the geography was shaped by wars? I’ve just read Syria: A History of the Last Hundred Years by John McHugo. It’s […]

TV ad airing in Las Vegas asks drone pilots to refuse to fly

TV ad airing in Las Vegas asks drone pilots to refuse to fly

This advertisement does a number of things in 15 seconds that U.S. television has not done before. It presents a moral case against drone murders (the U.S. government’s terminology, and strictly accurate). It opposes drone murders as illegal. It shows […]



Flyer PDF. SAVE THE DATES: Friday evening, May 1 and all-day Saturday, May 2 Telling the Truth, Learning the Lessons The Pentagon has a ten-year plan (funded by a $60 million appropriation from Congress) to use the 50th anniversary of […]

Dear Drone Commander, We Know You’re Human

Dear Drone Commander, We Know You’re Human

To: James Cluff, Commander, Creech AFB Dear Commander Cluff, It is our intention to reach out to you and appeal to your humanity to stop the drone killing. Your first responsibility is to uphold laws, regardless of your orders. Aerial […]

Talk Nation Radio: Spring Rising – An Antiwar Intervention March 21 in DC

Talk Nation Radio: Spring Rising – An Antiwar Intervention March 21 in DC

https://soundcloud.com/davidcnswanson/talk-nation-radio-spring-rising-an-antiwar-intervention-march-21-in-dc This show is a call to action to become part of Spring Rising: An Antiwar Intervention in Washington, D.C., March 18-21, 2015, with the big rally and march on Saturday March 21. See http://SpringRising.org Total run time: 29:00 Host: […]

What would happen if an 800-kiloton nuclear warhead detonated above midtown Manhattan?

What would happen if an 800-kiloton nuclear warhead detonated above midtown Manhattan?

Via fromwartopeace.com In light of the fact that President Obama is calling for funding and creating a new generation of U.S. Nuclear Weapons, it is appropriate that we examine just what a nuclear weapon would mean if it exploded over […]

ISIS Derangement Syndrome

Here’s Time Magazine‘s David von Drehle: “The greatest threat that ISIS poses — even to the poor souls living under ISIS rule — is the unintended damage that might follow from the effort to eradicate the group. . . . […]

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