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Alternatives “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War” – Now available in multiple formats

“A Global Security System: An Alternative to War” – Now available in multiple formats

    “You say you’re against war, but what’s the alternative?”     World Beyond War is pleased to provide the book that everyone has been asking for: A Global Security System: An Alternative to War. It describes the “hardware” […]

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Find and use dozens of great images and short statements from supporters of WorldBeyondWar and famous past opponents of war. Spread these on social media! You can submit a photo of yourself with 1 sentence on why you want to […]

Mapping Militarism Mapping Military Madness: 2015 Update

Mapping Military Madness: 2015 Update

By David Swanson Once again this year, the clear winner, in not just women’s soccer and incarceration, but also in militarism, is the United States of America, sweeping nearly every category of military insanity with seemingly effortless ease. Find all […]

Calendar of Peace World Beyond War Peace Almanac

World Beyond War Peace Almanac

This calendar lets you know important steps, progress and setbacks in the movement for peace that have taken place on each day of the year. It is ever a work in progress, so please contribute events that are missing. Good […]

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Resisting U.S. Military Communications Base in Sicily

Recovering from the Darkness of PTSD and Moral Injury

Phone in Tonight

Tonight, Monday, August 3, 2015, 6-7pm CT Listen to David Swanson on Chicago’s WCEV, 1450 AM, or http://tunein.com/radio/WCEV-1450-s23599/ And phone in with questions and comments 312-263-4752 Topic: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20150803/discuss/150809848/ Event coming up in Chicago on 27th: https://www.facebook.com/events/1451800825124185/

Chicago’s unknown hero of peace

Chicago’s unknown hero of peace

By David Swanson, Guest columnist, The Daily Herald In its 1929 Man of the Year article, Time magazine acknowledged that many readers would believe Secretary of State Frank Kellogg the right choice, as probably the top news story of 1928 […]

Imagine there’s no army

Imagine there’s no army

By CJ Hinke Excerpted from Free Radicals: War Resisters in Prison by CJ Hinke, forthcoming from Trine-Day in 2016. Acting Costa Rican President José “Don Pepe”Figueres Ferrer takes a sledgehammer to the Cuartel Bellavista military barracks, 1948 The 22 countries […]

War is Illegal. We want Peace in the World. – Alpha Blondy

David Hartsough, co-founder of World Beyond War in Berlin

Iran Deal Prevents Naked Muslim Ray Gun

By David Swanson Nukes get all the attention, but the fact is that intense inspections of Iranian facilities will also prevent Iran from developing a ray gun that causes your clothes to vanish and your brain to convert to Islam. […]

Viet Nam a Half Century Later

Viet Nam a Half Century Later

By David Swanson Jimmy Carter called a war waged in Vietnam by the United States — a war that killed 60,000 Americans and 4,000,000 Vietnamese, without burning down a single U.S. town or forest — “mutual” damage. Ronald Reagan called […]

No Warlords Need Apply — a call for credible peacemaking in Afghanistan

By Kathy Kelly and Buddy Bell A second round of peace talks between Afghan government officials and Taliban representatives, expected to begin before the end of July, 2015, suggests that some parties to the fighting want to declare a cease […]

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