In The Context Of Empire: Waging Peace With David Swanson

By Jonathan Lancaster and Matthew McKenna, December 7, 2020

“In the Context of Empire” is a podcast where two social studies teachers discuss history, American empire, US politics and their own lives. Traditional narratives regarding American history are challenged in a tone that ranges from playful to hostile.

Jon and Matt were honored to speak with David Swanson, prolific anti-war activist, journalist, executive director of World Beyond War, and campaign coordinator for He is also the author of many books including War is a Lie and Leaving World War II Behind.  David has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize and is a tireless advocate for ending US militarism

Specifically discussed:

  • Matt’s newest article and how it is that America historically and currently has created all of its foreign policy problems
  • David’s background and motivations for antiwar activism
  • Some common lies that are told regarding war both broadly and about specific conflicts
  • The mythologies and wrong lessons that Americans believe about their country’s role in WWII
  • How the US fueled the rise of Hitler and Nazism
  • Why we should be saying “Thank you for your service” to the troops
  • Changing the culture and language around war, IE “Defense Contractor” to “Merchant of Death”
  • David’s concerns about the likely Biden foreign policy team
  • Neera Tanden’s infamous email wherein she suggests that Libya should pay for the privilege of being destroyed by the United States

David’s Work. Please Support Him!

World Beyond War

David’s Website

David’s Books: War is a Lie,  Leaving World War II Behind and many more.

Our Work:

Matt’s newest article: America is to Blame for America’s Foreign Policy Problems

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