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Yemen Yes! Now Afghanistan!

If the U.S. government follows through on what President Joe Biden said last week about Yemen, that war’s days are numbered. If the rest of us learn the appropriate lessons, the war on Afghanistan should start picking out a tomb stone. Read more.

How We Blocked Weapons Trucks in Canada — How You Can Do the Same: We blocked trucks outside Paddock Transportation International. Paddock ships armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia for the Saudi-led war on Yemen — or at least it tries to! Read more.

Talk Nation Radio: Rachel Small: Blocking Trucks to Move Canada from War to Peace: Listen here.

International Solidarity Day for Yemen: Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has been selling a smart killing camera into Middle Eastern markets: both to Saudi Arabia and UAE. Peace Pilgrims, with Quakers for Peace, teamed up with Wage Peace in Australia, an affiliate of World BEYOND War, to protest exports at their newly acquired subsidiary in Brisbane. We reminded workers they now worked for an arms dealer.

#MakingaKilling: Wage Peace is gearing up to #DisruptLandForces June 1-3, Land Forces being a weapons expo in Brisbane, Australia, where the killing deals are done. The focus of the latest protest (see photo above) was on Rheinmetall. Both EOS and Rheinmetall are sponsors for the Land Forces expo. Both sell already to Indonesia which is committing human rights abuses in West Papua as it enforces extraction via U.S. corporations from traditional lands. More than 25 people, our friends, have been killed in the last 6 months. People we know. All major weapons companies are now operating from every city in Australia. Boeing sells its attack helicopters to Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Want to get involved in Australia? Send action ideas and feedback to info@wagepeaceau.org.

How can we make the best argument for shifting from war to peace? Sign up for War Abolition 101: How We Create a Peaceful World.

The above photos is from a half-day event organized by WBW in Douala, Cameroon, on January 30th. Our members living in Douala invited representatives from leading organizations in the locality. The objective was to present our movement and the contributions it can make in the reconstruction of peace in Cameroon.

Dress for successful peace activism!

Find upcoming events and add your own on the events list and map here. Most are online events that can be participated in from anywhere on earth.

Upcoming Webinars:

Bahrain Webinar: February 12. Register.

February 10 with Edward Horgan. Register!

Watch Recent Webinars:

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Overseas Military Base Empire with Leah Bolger.

Man Who Saved the World.

Victory: Dean Preston endorses California Peace Budget Resolution! San Francisco Supervisor for District 5 Dean Preston endorsed our California chapter’s campaign for a California Peace Budget Resolution! Read more about the chapter’s work.

News from Around the World:

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‘The Waihopai Virus’: Covid Plays Heavily on the Minds of Spy Base Protesters

U.S. Should Pay Iran Reparations

Time to Negotiate for Peace in Space

Kärnvapenfronten rör på sig / The Nuclear Front is Moving!

Whose Mine Is It Anyway?

Are Militaries the Most Appropriate Peacekeepers?

Love, Not Drone Murder. Valentines Day Plans for Syracuse, NY, US.

U.S. Capital Under Military Occupation as War Hawks in Biden Admin Take Power

War Is a Business

Will Biden End America’s Global War on Children?

For Peace With North Korea, Biden Must End the US-South Korea Military Exercises

Videogames for Peace?

Why Samantha Power Should Not Hold Public Office

World BEYOND War on Global Connections Television

Talk Nation Radio: Steve Ellner on Ongoing U.S. Efforts to Overthrow Venezuelan Government

Rob Malley for Iran Envoy: A Test Case for Biden’s Commitment to Diplomacy

Biden Could Curb Right-wing Extremism with One Weird Trick: Ending the U.S. ‘Forever War’

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