Global NATO – All Countries Are Affected By NATO

By World BEYOND War, January 25, 2021

Global NATO –All Countries Are Affected

Organized by international network No to war – no to NATO (No to NATO)
Ann Wright (USA), Code Pink and Veterans for Peace, No to NATO
David Swanson (USA), World BEYOND War
Ingela Martensson (Sweden), Women for Peace
Julieta Daza (Columbia/Venezuela), Juventud Rebelde, Campaign Stopp Air Base Ramstein
Ludo De Brabander (Belgium), vrede vzw
Pablo Dominguez (Montenegro), Save Sinjajevina Montains
Moderator: Kristine Karch (Germany), No to NATO
In this webinar, we showed that the largest military alliance in the world, NATO, is a war machine that affects each country in different ways. Not only NATO members push militarization in their countries, but also non-members support it, as they are involved in NATO policy through cooperation agreements such as Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue, and others.

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