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Redefining “Imminent”

Redefining “Imminent”

By Brian Terrell How the U.S. Department of Justice Makes Murder Respectable, Kills the Innocent and Jails their Defenders Political language can be used, George Orwell said in 1946, “to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give […]

Time to Learn the Lessons of Failed U.S. Wars

By Gerry Condon, Vice President, Veterans For Peace As a Vietnam era veteran, I paid close attention to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s Veterans Day speech, delivered at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.  Secretary Hagel, a Vietnam combat veteran, declared that […]

The Bases of War in the Middle East

The Bases of War in the Middle East

From Carter to the Islamic State, 35 Years of Building Bases and Sowing Disaster By David Vine, TomDispatch With the launch of a new U.S.-led war in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State (IS), the United States has engaged in […]

East Coast WAGING PEACE Public Events for David Hartsough Nov 18 – Dec 10, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. AREA November 18 Tuesday 11-12:30pm Montgomery County Community College in Rockville,MD, Science Center 152. Contact: Alonzo Smith 240-994-0115   7-8:30pm University of Maryland in College Park, MD. Beyond the Classroom seminar at 1102 South Campus Commons, Bldg One. […]

How Is a Prison Like a War?

The similarities between mass incarceration and mass murder have been haunting me for a while, and I now find myself inspired by Maya Schenwar’s excellent new book Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn’t Work and How We Can Do […]

Retired U.S. General Calls for Public Inquiry into Failures of Iraq, Afghan Wars

Talk Nation Radio: Leslie Cagan on Climate and Peace Activism

Talk Nation Radio: Leslie Cagan on Climate and Peace Activism Leslie Cagan has worked in a wide range peace and social justice movements for almost 50 years: from the Vietnam war to racism at home, from nuclear disarmament to lesbian/gay liberation, from fighting sexism to working against U.S. military […]

Letter to Norwegian Parliament

David Swanson Director of World Beyond War, Charlottesville VA 22902 USA   President, Olemic Thommessen Stortinget/Parliament of Norway, Oslo.   I write to you from the United States with great respect and fondness for Norway and my family and […]

An Armistice Day Poem

NOVEMBER COMES November comes on to me like a C-130 slinking into Dover Air Force base laden with tin caskets draped in red, white, and blue I know, I know I should just let it be Okay, okay I can still […]

Matt Ho on Democracy Now