200 Caring People Are Ready to Sail on the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

With my friend Mustafa from DC attending a huge rally on the 21st in front of the university of Istanbul. The Dove was actually miraculously in the picture, but the other graphic was added by the photographer, a lovely Turkish woman.

By John Reuwer, World BEYOND War, April 24, 2024

Morale is running high among the 200 volunteers from all over the world preparing to sail on the freedom flotilla to Gaza. If anyone has doubts about the motivations of the people taking this particular risk for the benefit of a besieged people and freedom, they need only talk to the folks here, who share my views that:

  • In light of an ongoing slaughter of civilians in violation of human morality and international conventions and humanitarian law while governments take no action or actively support it, the risks of not acting are even greater.
  • This includes the risk of regional or global escalation of war that could kill us all in a nuclear confrontation.
  • Short of that, we are setting a terrible precedent for further genocides in the future, ignoring all the lessons learned after the horrors of World War II.
  • None of us want our children or grandchildren to grow up in a world where genocide is on full real-time display for all who will look, and where we do nothing. There are numerous men and women with young children here for that reason.
  • When governments refuse to act, it is our duty as citizens to do the right thing by taking care of our fellow humans. Our sacrifice is nothing compared to the misery of people whom our governments are attacking or ignoring.

Palestinian sharing his conversation with his brother in Gaza with us. Confirming the horror there.

Nightly update on the mission. We hear from prior flotilla participants, lawyers, and humanitarian organizations.

Last evening we learned of yet another delay of a few days for our departure, when the Turkish port authorities requested more information on each of us. I suspect this reflects the ambivalence of the Turkish government which verbally supports the Palestinian cause and a diplomatic solution, but is  under enormous pressure from countries, like the United States and Germany, to protect the Israeli government from having to deal with us.

I personally am thrilled to be with amazing people here.

Third nonviolence training for recently arrived volunteers from Jordan and Algeria.

USians enjoying breakfast while planning our next move.

3 Responses

  1. The USA should be providing military escort to flotilla!! Much better way to deliver aid than dropping it from the sky. We need new world leadership that does not fund, aid or abet a genocide. Palestine does not have a military. Palestine does not have allies. Bless the people who organized, funded and are in the flotilla. Good luck and God speed.

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