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Close Bases The No Bases Campaign

The No Bases Campaign

The closing of U.S. bases and the removal of U.S. military personnel are critical to the elimination of war.

Divest from Weapons Divest from the War Machine

Divest from the War Machine

World BEYOND War organizes to remove public and private assets from weapons manufacturers, military contractors, and war profiteers.

Peace Education Peace Education

Peace Education

World BEYOND War believes that education is a critical component of a global security system and an essential tool for getting us there.

Chapters & Affiliates Find or Create a Chapter or Affiliate

Find or Create a Chapter or Affiliate

World BEYOND War has chapters around the world. Join a local World BEYOND War chapter or start your own!

Recent Posts

Talk Nation Radio: Heidi Peltier on the Camo Economy

By David Swanson, Talk Nation Radio, July 14, 2020 This week on Talk Nation Radio: massive, shameless, and endlessly expanding war profiteering by weapons dealers. Our guest is Heidi Peltier, author of a new report called “The Growth of the […]

Send Us Your Photo from a Site of Conscience

By World BEYOND War, July 13, 2020 Connor Campbell and Malikai Earl sent in this idea and got it started. Find a public space that you care about, that’s beautiful or important to you, a shrine, a site of conscience, […]

WBW News & Action: How you become a peace activist

Peacestock: The 18th Annual Gathering for Peace: #Peacestock2020 — Theme: Where’s the Truth? A Free, Online Zooming Peace Gathering with Veterans For Peace on Saturday, July 18th from 1pm to 4pm CDT (GMT-5) featuring Norman Solomon and Andrew Bacevich, as […]

Recollection: How did I become a Peacenik?

By Dave Lindorff, World BEYOND War, July 12, 2020 Dave Lindorff at lower right, facing away from the camera, at the Pentagon on Oct. 21, 1967. I have been an activist and an activist journalist since 1967, when I turned […]

How I Became a Peace Activist by David Swanson

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 12, 2020 I wrote this in 2017. The short version of this is: For some reason I don’t like to accept lies and nonsense from figures of authority, and that leaves me seeing […]

Legislation in Congress Would Require Flying Flag With Pentagon on It

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 12, 2020 A bill in Congress with bipartisan support would require post offices and various government buildings to fly from September 11th to September 30th every year a flag that looks like this: […]

Heinrich Fink (1935-2020)

Breakups and Leaks

By Victor Grossman, July 12, 2020 From Berlin Bulletin No. 178 Despite the continuing coronavirus danger, and despite anger, loathing or fear about “that man”, some people may still have an eye or an ear for international relations. If so, […]

Tunde Osazua of Black Alliance for Peace

AFRICOM Enforces US Colonial Project

Margaret Kimberley · AFRICOM Enforces US Colonial Project By Margaret Kimberley, July 6, 2020 From Black Agenda Report “We see AFRICOM as the colonization of Africa by the US,” said Tunde Osazua, of the Black Alliance for Peace. “Instead of […]

20 Dictators Currently Supported By The US by David Swanson

Book Review: 20 Dictators Currently Supported by the U.S.

By Phil Armstrong and Catherine Armstrong, July 9, 2020 From Counterfire What nations say they stand for and what the evidence suggests they stand for can be – and frequently are – two entirely different things. This highly thought-provoking book […]

Setsuko Thurlow, ICAN campaigner and Hiroshima survivor, speaks at City Hall, in Oslo

An Open Letter By Setsuko Thurlow

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 June 22, 2020 Dear Prime Minister Trudeau: As a Hiroshima survivor, I was honoured to jointly accept the Nobel […]