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What Happens When You Talk With Americans About Drone Murders

By Joy First Mount Horeb, Wisc. — Bonnie Block, Jim Murphy, Lars and Patty Prip, Mary Beth Schlagheck, and I were at Rest Area 10 along I- 90/94, about 5 miles south of Mauston, from 10:00 am – noon on […]

A Different War-Is-Good-for-Us Argument

It seems like we just got through dealing with the argument that war is good for us because it brings peace. And along comes a very different twist, combined with some interesting insights. Here’s a blog post by Joshua Holland […]



By Robert C. Koehler “During basic training, we are weaponized: our souls turned into weapons.” Jacob George’s suicide last month — a few days after President Obama announced that the US was launching its war against ISIS — opens a […]

David Hartsough Book Tour

FALL BOOK TOUR PUBLIC EVENTS   OCTOBER 1-14th NEW ENGLAND STATES   Oct. 2 Thursday 7pm Cambridge Friends Meeting, 5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge, MA  Contact Skip Schiel 617-441-7756   October 3 Friday 7:00pm WAGING PEACE book talk and discussion at […]

Pranking the CIA: The New Get Rich Quick Story

When New York Times reporter James Risen published his previous book, State of War, the Times ended its delay of over a year and published his article on warrantless spying rather than be scooped by the book. The Times claimed […]

Rotary’s Peace History and Future

It’s Cold in Kabul

It’s Cold in Kabul

During chilly Kabul mornings, last winter, the yard outside the Afghan Peace Volunteer (APV) home became a hub of colorful and bustling activity as mothers, children, and young APVs participated in “the duvet project.”   Thank you to the  many people […]

Killing for Peace

By Winslow Myers Since 9-11, the United States, by any objective assessment a globe-girdling military empire, has been sucked into an ongoing global civil war between brutal extremists (often fighting among themselves) and those, including us, they perceive as their […]

Victims of US Foreign Policy Deserve Our Votes

By Erin Niemela The 2014 general elections are around the corner and candidates are walking political tightropes in hopes of earning our votes. But, what if candidates had to earn the votes of all the people whose lives would be […]

The Cenotaph – Remembrance Sunday 9 November

The Cenotaph – Remembrance Sunday 9 November

Veterans For Peace UK Sunday 9 November 2014 1330 HRS Whitehall Place, London Facebook Event Page On Remembrance Sunday, Veterans For Peace UK will walk to The Cenotaph under the banner “NEVER AGAIN”. We will hold a ceremony at The Cenotaph to remember […]