WBW News & Action: Music Says No to War

By World BEYOND War, April 17, 2022

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World BEYOND War Board Member and National Coordinator of WBW Aotearoa New Zealand Liz Remmerswaal has stepped up to the new role of WBW Vice President alongside new President Kathy Kelly. Read more.

Read Our New Annual Report on 2021.

Watch our new music video with the song “No to War” by Blaze Weka.

Join April 21-28 Global Mobilization to Stop Lockheed Martin! Sign the petition we’ll deliver, and find or create a local event! Join April 17-24 War Industries Resisters Network Week of Action!

Find out about and sign up for World BEYOND War’s online Annual Conference: NoWar2022!

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Sarah Alcantara, a student intern from the Philippines. Sarah says, “I got involved with anti-war activism primarily because of the nature of my residence. Geographically speaking, I live in a country with an extensive history of war and armed conflict.” Read Sarah’s story!

War Abolition 101 Starts Today: Last Chance to Join Six-Week Course.

Upcoming events list.

Upcoming webinars:

April 19: New Report on Ukraine Crisis from Just World Educational and Webinar with WBW’s David Swanson

April 24: New Jersey Peace Action Spring Gathering

April 28: Arms Exports to Conflict Areas: Engaging Youth in Countering Militarism with WBW’s Greta Zarro

May 18: Divest from Violence and Reinvest in a Just World with WBW’s Greta Zarro

Recent Webinar Video:

Kathy Kelly: War Is Never the Answer.

All past webinar videos.

News from Around the World:

Greek Railroad Workers Block Delivery of U.S. Tanks to Ukraine

In an era of Climate Collapse, Canada is Doubling Down on Military Spending

Learning the Wrong Lessons from Ukraine

Talk World Radio: Ned Dobos on Reasons Not to Keep a Standing Military

Sleepwalking to War: NZ Is Back Under the Nuclear Umbrella

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up! The Leaking Massive Red Hill Jet Fuel Tanks Will Not Be Closed Anytime Soon!

From Mosul to Raqqa to Mariupol, Killing Civilians is a Crime

VIDEO: Stop the War in Ukraine April 9 Online Rally

Interview with Oleg Bodrov and Yurii Sheliazhenko

VIDEO: Peace Summit 2022: Breakout – Challenging the Ideology Behind Wealth & Militarism with David Swanson

The Idea of a Clean and Efficient War is a Dangerous Lie

Bluenosing the Military Industrial Complex

The Red Scare

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One Response

  1. Thank you endlessly WBW .

    I was wondering if it would not be a strong move to get all the NATO leaders at the table and ask them to consider their official original cause, protection, as their main task and promoted NO WAR NO WEAPONS. USA/NATO can stop this war in a matter of minutes as it is them who are waging this war – if they would have had the self respect to keept their words, after the end of the cold war, of no further expansion of NATO and neutral Ukraine, there would be no war today. NATO can change their course of military into protective and emergency help when disasters strike, disasters of nature no weapons can help, only human efforts.

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