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The global ceasefire is advancing, and we’re learning about two nations reportedly standing in the way. We need this temporary ceasefire, so that we can make it permanent. We also need to expand it to include weapons production and shipments, as WBW’s chapter in South Africa is doing. Here are three ways you can help: (1) Sign the petition. (2) Share this with others, and ask organizations to partner with us on the petition. (3) Add to what we know about which countries are complying here.

#NoWar2020 Is Going Virtual at the End of May
We’ll have details for you soon on #NoWar2020 via Zoom, open to all for no charge and no need to travel anywhere. Mark your calendar now: May 28 12-2 p.m., May 29 3-6 p.m., and May 30 3-5 p.m. ET (New York time).

You can also put #NoWar2021 on your calendar for June 1-6, 2021, in Ottawa, Canada, or anywhere via livestream. View the updated schedule here.

Free 5-Week Webinar Series on Divesting from Weapons


World BEYOND War is excited to be partnering with CODEPINK on a free 5-week divestment webinar series. We’ll cover the why, what, and how of divestment. We’ll share campaign success stories and talk about how to replicate them in your community. We’ll cover divestment research, coalition-building, power-mapping, university and city divestment, debunking divestment myths, and much more. The goal of this webinar series is to provide activists with the training, tools, and resources to start up divestment campaigns in their communities.  We’re kicking off the series next week on April 23 at 8 p.m. ET featuring Carley Towne & Cody Urban of CODEPINK and David Swanson of World BEYOND War to talk about Divestment 101 and the successful campaign to divest Charlottesville from weapons and fossil fuels. RSVP here!

Free Webinar: Colonialism & Contamination: Mapping U.S. Military Injustices on the Chamorro People of Guam: Join World BEYOND War for a free webinar on April 29 at 7 p.m. ET as part of our “Close Bases” campaign. We’ll be joined by speakers Dr. Sasha Davis & Leilani Rania Ganser to talk about the negative impact of U.S. military bases in Guam. We’ll explore how the military presence threatens the indigenous Chamorro culture and people, as well as the environmental impacts of the weapons stored on the bases. RSVP!

NEW Free Online Course: Organizing 101


Organizing 101 is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of grassroots organizing. Whether you are a prospective World BEYOND War chapter coordinator or already have an established chapter, this course will help you hone your organizing skills. We’ll identify effective strategies & tactics for engaging community members and influencing decision-makers. We’ll explore tips and tricks for utilizing traditional & social media. And we’ll look more broadly at movement-building from the perspective of “fusion” organizing and nonviolent civil resistance.
The course is FREE and is not live or scheduled. Enrollment and participation in the course are on a rolling basis. You can enroll and get started on the course here!

Liberiamoci Dal Virus Della Guerra


This virtual video event can be viewed in Italian on April 25th and shortly thereafter in English. Speakers include Tim Anderson, Giorgio Bianchi, Giulietto Chiesa,  Manlio Dinucci, Kate Hudson, Diana Johnstone, Peter Koenig, Vladimir Kozin, Germana Leoni von Dohnanyi, John Shipton, David Swanson, Ann Wright, and many more. Go here.

Free Film Screening: The World Is My Country


Thanks to our partners at Future WAVE who are generously offering a free preview screening of the film The World Is My Country from now until April 30th. It’s the story of how a song and dance man on Broadway turned his war guilt over bombing civilians into an electrifying action that galvanized war-weary Europe and sparked a movement for peace and global citizenship. Sign up to watch the film for free during this limited-time offer!

Lots more films and other event resources (and sheltering-in-place resources) are here.

Watch video of recent webinar with David Swanson

20 Dictators The US Currently Supports

Watch this new video.


People Who Oppose War Must Not Be Compelled to Pay for War. Take action here.


Repeal the U.S. Military Selective Service Act: There’s now a bill to force draft registration on women, and another bill to end it for everyone. If you’re in the U.S. email Congress here.


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    1. wir können die Welt nicht verändern wenn wir das System nicht ändern. Denn auf ihm und seinem Anspruch auf immer mehr Profit, basieren alle kriege und die meisten Feindbilder dieser Welt

      1. Es muss heißen: denn auf ihm, dem System basieren alle Kriege und die meisten Feindbilder dieser Welt.

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