20 Dictators The US Currently Supports

April 14, 2020

Does the US oppose dictators all over the world? Then why does it support so many of them? John Iadarola of “The Damage Report” on the Young Turks Network interviews David Swanson of World BEYOND War about David’s new book, 20 Dictators Currently Supported by the U.S..

5 Responses

  1. Why does techpert Chris Garraffa continue to deceive people to believe that end to end encryption is private when internet providers, software producers, hardware manufacturers, and utility companies with smart meters still have the abilities to read the communications unencrypted? 

    Stop the bullshit! Garbage in garbage out!

  2. Not to mention email providers! Yeah, use Snap Chat, never mind that while your messages vanished, they were captured by every App on your phone, your phone, and internet provider!

  3. The name of this says it all! Novel Corona Virus! Fictious, inebriating, contagious brain sicknes – (insanity) of those in power! 

    Drunk and insane on power!

    Insanity will be the future, since past is prologue. With all of the record bail-outs taking place in virtually every sector of the governments from local, state, and federal, in addition to every failing corporation in America, the post office has been denied any funding, but a $10 billion loan. The post office has been the single government entity that has strictly relied on postage stamps for its operations, dating back to Benjamin Franklin that created the Post Office, realizing that communications were essential for the purposes of business and trade. Since the creation of the Post Office, telephones, internet service, and Fed-Ex, and UPS have deteriorated the postal revenues, yet, the Post Office has managed to provide a service that the majority of Americans find vital, run efficiently, at a reasonable cost. 

    Maybe the rest of the governments and corporations get sick of hearing about the efficency of the U.S. Postal Service If the Post Office were forced to privatize, would businesses still send out mail? 

    If internet communications were shut down for any reason, whether an actual war, or even cyber warfare, how would communications continue to function? 

    For reasons of National Emergency Preparedness, I believe that it is extremely important to make sure that America still has a U.S. Postal Service, which Mnuchin and Trump are trying to destroy!

    The banks load toxic debt, bubble burst, after bubble burst on to the backs of tax payers. 

    Diane Feinstein’s husband actually purchased Post Offices several years ago in northern California.

  4. The vaccine that Bill Gates wants to force every person on earth to receive is a messenger RNA vaccine which does not contain the viral pathogen, but edits RNA to attack the pathogen.

    It is training the body to attack itself, if it becomes infected with the viral pathogen, which seems less than an optimal survival tactitic, and more of a fantasy of mad man to depopulate the planet!

    Send Bill Gates to prison now! A federal pennitentiary, not merely house arrest, for clarification purposes!

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