Volunteer Spotlight: Tracy Oakley

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Halifax, Canada

How did you get involved with anti-war activism & World BEYOND War (WBW)?

I volunteered with Amnesty International for eight years and, during two of those, I served as a Volunteer Field Worker. Although not considered an anti-war organization, I was educated about the atrocities and human rights violations that in many cases, are the result of violent conflict and wars. After attending a “No War With Iran” rally here in Halifax, I learned of a group called “Voices of Women”. While reviewing their website, I came across a link for WBW. I believe in this organization and what they are working to accomplish. I wanted to volunteer but, there was no Chapter in Halifax. I have taken on that role.

What kinds of volunteer activities do you help with?

As a Chapter Coordinator, I take WBW’s online courses, participate in webinars, and share information on social media. Once Covid-19 is nothing more than a bad memory, I will be focused on establishing Chapter meetings where as a group, we can discuss what we would like to focus on, and move forward from there.

What’s your top recommendation for someone who wants to get involved with WBW?

My top recommendation is a simple one: If you want peace for our world, familiarize yourself with the WBW website. If what you read resonates with you, reach out to WBW to see how you can get involved. It’s that simple.

What keeps you inspired to advocate for change?

I remain inspired to advocate for change because I believe our world needs so much healing. I also believe even one individual can make a difference. I hope to be one of those individuals.

Posted April 2, 2020.

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