VIDEO: Canada Says No to War on Gaza

By Nicky Young at Ricochet, November 29, 2023

World BEYOND War and allies across Canada have been organizing and supporting constant actions over the past month targeting banks, railways, highways, shipping ports, arms suppliers, elected officials and entangled companies to demand a permanent ceasefire and an end to Canada’s complicity in the genocidal violence in Gaza. Learn more and get involved here.

One Response

  1. The Government of Israel and HAMAS are BOTH guilty of crimes against humanity. For a long time, extremists on each side have committed acts of violence against the other.

    The Government of Canada must do everything in its power to:
    1) create a permanent end to hostilities, protecting all Palestinian AND Israeli civilians.
    2) ensure food, water, and fuel are available to all
    3) ensure BOTH the Government of Israel and HAMAS be tried before the International Court of Justice

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