We’re Rising Up to End the Canada-Israel Arms Trade. #ArmsEmbargoNow

By World BEYOND War, May 16, 2024

Canada is STILL arming, funding, and legitimizing Israel’s genocide in Gaza. But communities across the country have been RISING UP to demand an immediate, two-way arms embargo to stop the flow of ALL military goods both to and from Israel.

People of conscience from coast to coast are taking action to shut down ports, rails, highways, and weapons factories, occupying their university campuses, disrupting the arteries of the economy, and forcing our government’s hand.

We must continue to escalate the nonviolent action.

Watch, share, and join the movement for an #ArmsEmbargoNow! More info at worldbeyondwar.org/canadastoparmingisrael

Let’s do this.

#ArmsEmbargoNow #StopArmingIsrael #ShutItDown4Palestine

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9 Responses

  1. This morning Mayor Olivia Chow was on television decrying the hate crime of someone shooting bullets at an empty school, where people had gathered with police to denounce the anti-semitism.
    Meanwhile the Zionist regime just BOMBED people surviving in tents in Rafah where at least 35 were killed and many more injured.
    Can you see the horrific reality of the crazy injustice here?
    Thank you WBW for all the work that you do!

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