David Swanson at the International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases, Dublin 2018

Video: David Swanson on Drop the MIC Live! With Sen. Nina Turner

By World BEYOND War, July 7, 2020 Watch the video here.

War and Nuclear Weapons – Film and Discussion Series

By Vermont International Film Festival, July 6, 2020 Join us for this series of discussions of films!  We recommend that you view each film ahead of time, and each title below has information about how to view it online – […]

Video: Ajamu Baraka on Race and International Relations

By World BEYOND War, July 4, 2020 Call hosted in Iran by World BEYOND War Board Member Foad Izadi:

David Swanson

Peacestock Is Coming

By World BEYOND War, July 2, 2020 Go here:

New Video: War and the Environment — Course Begins July 6

Making the World Your Country

By Arthur Kanegis for World BEYOND War, June 21, 2020 Talk for World Beyond War from Arthur Kanegis on Vimeo. BE A WORLD CITIZEN When you register for a World Passport, World BEYOND War receives 20% of the proceeds. The […] – A World BEYOND War: Perspectives from a Peace Activist

From MuslimNetwork TV, June 8,  2020

Video: War Is A Lie with David Swanson

World BEYOND War, May 7, 2020

Videos: Kent State Truth Tribunal

By Mickey Huff, May 4, 2020 For the 50th anniversary, Professor Mickey Huff of Project Censored, interviewed academics, socio-political historians, protesters, and massacre survivors on the many issues related to the May 4, 1970 Kent and Jackson State massacres.  Tune […]

Video: Divestment 101

By World BEYOND War, April 24, 2020 This kicked off a five-part webinar series by introducing the why, what, and how of divestment. Why do we want to divest from war? What is the war machine? How do we actually […]