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Matthew Petti

WBW Podcast Episode 31: Dispatches from Amman with Matthew Petti

Our fascinating and wide-ranging conversation covered the politics of water, the credibility of contemporary journalism, the status of refugee communities in Jordan from Palestine, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, the outlook for peace in an age of imperial decline, social conservatism and gender in Jordan, open source reporting, the effectiveness of antiwar activism and much more.

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World Beyond War: A New Podcast

Episode 30: Glasgow and the Carbon Bootprint with Tim Pluta

Our latest podcast episode features an interview about the antiwar protests outside the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow with Tim Pluta, World BEYOND War’s chapter organizer in Spain. Tim joined a coalition to protest COP26’s weak stance on the “carbon bootprint”, the disastrous abuse of fossil fuels by military forces that USA and other nations refuse to acknowledge.

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