Death, Taxes, and What Israel Is Spending the World’s Money On

By World BEYOND War, April 9, 2024

The Institute for Policy Studies would like you to know what U.S. tax dollars pay for.

Here’s a detailed receipt.

Here’s the version from the War Resisters League.

And here are . . .

Unlike other countries, some 40% of what the U.S. government calls foreign aid is actually money — U.S. tax dollars — that foreign governments have to turn around and give to U.S.-based weapons dealers for instruments of mass murder. This helps explain why the destinations of so-called aid from the U.S. don’t match up with the places most in need, and why the top recipient of so-called aid is the non-poor nation called Israel. The vast majority of Israel’s weapons imports come from the U.S. Many of them Israel pays for, but the U.S. helps out there too in a special way. It allows those shipments even when they violate numerous laws, such as the Arms Exports Control Act, the Foreign Assistance Act, the U.S. War Crimes Act, the Genocide Convention Implementation Act, etc., and even when both the International Court of Justice and the United Nations Security Council have ordered Israel to cease what it is doing with the weapons. The U.S. government has been arming Israel just about since Israel was created by murdering local residents and driving some 750,000 people out of their homes, demolishing over 400 villages. Since the first Nakba, the U.S. has given Israel vastly more so-called aid than it has given any other country, even countries it has destroyed such as Vietnam or Iraq, over $270 billion worth.

Things you can do:

People around the world plan on April 15 to create a blockade for Palestine.

Peace groups in Canada, including World BEYOND War, plan huge nonviolent actions:

Caring people the world over plan a full week of activities:

We won’t be letting up, as actions are also planned from April 12 to May 15!

Find your nearest WBW chapter or affiliate.

Here’s some helpful reading material:

2 Responses

  1. Peace people – please look at the importance of the tax base! If we removed taxes on labor and production and instead placed the tax base on the unearned income going to the owners of land and natural resource, we would address wealth and power inequality at the root and naturally build an economics of peace. Call me for more in PA at 717-357-7617 – alanna hartzok

  2. We in Switzerland are complicit too, I know, but still I cannot fathom why the US is supporting Israel in such an outrageous manner instead of supporting countries that need it and/or have suffered wrongs and destruction by the US, and they are many…

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