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Yurii Sheliazhenko is facing trial on June 11 and the possibility of 5 years in prison for speaking in support of peace in Ukraine. Sign the Petition.

WBW in Connecticut demonstrated for peace in the Norwalk Memorial Day parade with Veterans For Peace, New Haven Peace Council, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Wilton Quakers.

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News from Around the World:


U.S. Funds Ukrainian Organization That Creates List of U.S. Citizens Opposing Weapons to Ukraine


Remember Ellsberg; Ditch Nukes


Stand Tall in Your Child’s Eyes: Speak Out For Peace


Biden’s Creeping “Red Line” Allows More Israeli Atrocities in Gaza


Youri Speaks to David Swanson of World BEYOND War and Medea Benjamin of CODE PINK About NATO


As Gaza Starves, We Cannot Be Comfortable: A Hunger Strike for Gaza


Addressing the Environmental Emergency


European Nuclear Deterrent a Harebrained Illegal Proposal


Fixing Our Broken International System of Justice


Should Low-Brain-Cell Sociopaths Play With Bioweapons?


Patricia Gibson Beetle September 14, 1924 – May 28, 2024


Closing Argument of Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal with International Lawyer Richard Falk


Is NATO Taking Over the Pacific?


Talk World Radio: Jon Mills on the End of the World


The Military-Industrial Complex Is Killing Us All


Mother Nature Makes a Mockery of the US Military’s $320 Million Pier in Gaza


Veterans For Peace and 350.org Demonstrate Against Military Air Shows’ Dirty Glorification of War


Podcast Episode 60: A Long Road to Peace Activism


Surveillance and Interference: Israel’s Covert War on the ICC Exposed


Nuclear Weapons for the European Union – A Violation of Applicable Law


What Is the Purpose of NATO?


What’s the Matter with NATO?


Talk World Radio: Fictional Rapes Plus Unacknowledged Racism Equals Support for Genocide


Natural Gas Is Methane


The ICC Takes on Israel and the U.S. Congressional Mafia


Tell the U.S. Congress: Create a Department of Peace!


Open Letter to the Government of Ireland: Restore Neutrality


Now Is The Time to Send Unarmed Peacekeepers to Gaza and The Rest of Palestine


Lobbyists and War: Part 2

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