Canada-Israel Arms Embargo Now Campaign Webinar Video

By World BEYOND War, June 5, 2024

Since we launched the #ArmsEmbargoNow call in May, 400+ organizations and 37 MPs have signed on. But Israel’s deadly attacks on Palestinians in Gaza continue, and most of the Liberal caucus is silent, refusing to act to stop the flow of weapons to and from Israel.

It’s time to make them feel the heat. Watch our webinar from June 3 2024 to find out what’s happening and how you can take action as we ramp up the campaign to win an #ArmsEmbargoNow.

Speakers include:
▪️Dalia Awwad, Palestinian organizer and webinar moderator
▪️Rachel Small from World BEYOND War
▪️Dr. Yipeng Gi, recently returned from Gaza
▪️Shatha with Palestinian Youth Movement
▪️Greer with CAPE (
#ArmsEmbargoNow union signatory)
▪️Noor and Ahmad, Student encampment leaders from Waterloo and Edmonton
▪️Najwa from Oakville Halton 4 Palestine
▪️Emma from Palestine Solidarity Network

Learn more about the campaign and take action at

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