Irish Say No to Complicity in Genocide

By Ed Horgan, World BEYOND War, June 10, 2024

Today at Shannon airport we had a very solemn and moving peace vigil, attended by up to 100 peace activists. We were all upset by the latest news for the ongoing genocide that is occurring in Gaza and especially by the fact that up to 300 Palestinians were killed yesterday in a brutal Israeli military and special forces assault in central Gaza.

These peaceful non-violent protests at Shannon, Dublin, Cork, Galway and all over Ireland and internationally are very important to demonstrate that these gross breaches of international and humanitarian laws are not being committed in our name, and that Irish complicity in this genocide and other war crimes elsewhere are not being done in our name. It is very likely that over 50,000 Palestinian individuals have been killed since 7 October 2023, the majority of them children and women. They are not just statistics, they were real people, and their deaths were mass murder, not just collateral damage.

Much more needs to be done to end this genocide and to ensure that this genocide being perpetrated by the state of Israel and its leaders, with active assistance of the US, Britain, Germany and many other states, and in which our Irish Government and official are also complicity by allowing US military to use Shannon airport to assist this act of genocide.

The third photo below shows two of our most dedicated peace activists, both from Galway, Margaretta D’Arcy in her 90th year and Lelia Doolan who recently celebrated her 90th birthday by doing a parachute jump!

5 Responses

  1. Bless you all, my brave, wise brothers and sisters! You make me so proud to be Irish!!!
    I am with you!!!!

  2. Though I hate nationalism of all sorts can i be forgiven for being proud to be Irish. Thank you everyone over there who has the courage and care to step out for this important issue.

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