Should Low-Brain-Cell Sociopaths Play With Bioweapons?

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, June 4, 2024

Should Low-Brain-Cell Sociopaths Play With Bioweapons? That is the question, and it’s not very different from Hamlet’s: Should we exist or not?

When you watch Congressional hearings on COVID, please ignore every other question.

The question is not whether Marjorie Taylor Green could find her ass with a map and two hands, or why it’s left to her to oppose torturing dogs, or whether you like or dislike Fauci. The question is whether these nitwits — or any other human beings whatsoever — should keep monkeying around with bioweapons.

The New York Times this week published something called “Why the Pandemic Probably Started in a Lab, in 5 Key Points,” each of which points many of us have been making since Day 1. The point regarding the lack of evidence for an alternative origin for COVID is perhaps stronger now, with the passage of time, but otherwise it seems to be purely the passage of time that has caused these five obvious observations to find their way into the New York Times.

Then, also this week, Congress held hearings on who approves or disapproves of Anthony Fauci and who can be the biggest clown about it — after which the media went into nonsense mode. Here’s a link to Sam Husseini getting appropriately frustrated with these media distractions.

It seems that either you’re a good Democrat who likes Fauci or a bad Republican who doesn’t. That dichotomy seems to have replaced the one in which either you are a Sinophobic bigot because you think a U.S.-backed bioweapons lab might be where a bioweapon came from or you are a good multicultural liberal who simply knows COVID could not possibly have come from a lab that was working on COVID.

Even the tiny window left for vaguely serious media coverage now has Fauci singing a heavily modified tune. He no longer says that COVID didn’t come from a lab, but that if it came from a lab that was partially funded by the U.S. government, everything bad done at that lab should be thought of as having been funded with non-U.S.-government dollars. But the notion that he once sang from a different hymnal is, of course, “preposterous.”

What is preposterous is the absence of any serious push to end the practice of tinkering around with bioweapons. These things serve no useful purpose and may get us all killed. Perhaps the same can be said for Congressional committees, but one step at a time.

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