War Abolisher Awards

You can nominate an individual or organization for 2024 here. You can donate to War Abolisher Awards here.

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2023 Awards

The 2023 Individual War Abolisher Award goes to Sultana Khaya.

The 2023 Organizational War Abolisher Award goes to Wage Peace Australia.

The 2023 David Hartsough Individual Lifetime War Abolisher Award goes to David Bradbury.

The 2023 Organizational Lifetime War Abolisher Award goes to Fundación Mil Milenios de Paz.

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2022 Awards

The Whidbey Environmental Action Network (WEAN), based on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, was awarded the Organizational War Abolisher of 2022 award.

The Individual War Abolisher of 2022 award went to New Zealand filmmaker William Watson in recognition of his film Soldiers Without Guns: An Untold Story of Unsung Kiwi Heroes. Watch it here.

The Lifetime Organizational War Abolisher Award of 2022 was presented to Collettivo Autonomo Lavoratori Portuali (CALP) and Unione Sindacale di Base Lavoro Privato (USB) in recognition of the blocking of weapons shipments by Italian dock workers, who have blocked shipments to a number of wars in recent years.

The David Hartsough Lifetime Individual War Abolisher of 2022 Award was presented to Jeremy Corbyn.

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