VIDEO: Online Info Session: How to Start a WBW Chapter

By World BEYOND War, October 10, 2023

Are you looking for a way to get involved in local anti-war organizing? Do you want to learn how everyday people can take action to resist militarism and promote real peace? Do you want to join a global movement of people who care about building a better world for everyone? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, tune in to this online info session on how to start a World BEYOND War chapter!

We talk about the nuts & bolts of starting a chapter, and hear examples of what our chapter coordinators are working on around the world. Featuring:

Guy Feugap (WBW Cameroon) is a secondary school teacher, writer and peace activist. His overall job is to educate youths for peace and non-violence. His work puts young girls in particular at the heart of crisis resolution, awareness raising on several issues in their communities. He joined WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom) in 2014 and founded the Cameroon Chapter of World BEYOND War in 2020.

Cym Gomery (WBW Montréal) is a community organizer and activist who founded Montréal for a World BEYOND War in November 2021, after attending the inspiring WBW NoWar101 training. This Canadian chapter came into being just on the cusp of the Russia-Ukraine war, the Canadian government’s decision to purchase bombers and so much more—our members have had no shortage of actions in which to participate! Cymry is passionate about the rights of nature, the environment, anti-speciesism, anti-racism and social justice. She cares deeply about peace as the barometer by which we can judge the success of all human endeavour, without which it is impossible for humans or other species to flourish.

Janet Parker (WBW Madison) is a mother, gardener, musician and war abolition activist in Madison, Wisconsin. Before and during the Iraq War, Janet led civil resistance anti-war actions in Madison and joined actions at the Pentagon and the White House. She is a co-coordinator of the WBW Madison chapter. The Madison chapter, launched in 2022, conducts regular War Abolition Walks and calls on elected officials to reduce military spending, stop F-35 warplanes from coming to Wisconsin, and push for diplomacy to end the war in Ukraine.

Rachel Small (she/her) is Canada Organizer for World BEYOND War. She is based in Toronto, Canada, on Dish with One Spoon and Treaty 13 Indigenous territory. Rachel is a community organizer. She has organized within local and international social/environmental justice movements for over a decade, with a special focus on working in solidarity with communities harmed by Canadian extractive industry projects in Latin America. She has also worked on campaigns and mobilizations around climate justice, decolonization, anti-racism, disability justice, and food sovereignty. She has a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University. She has a background in art-based activism and has facilitated projects in community mural-making, independent publishing and media, spoken word, guerilla theatre, and communal cooking with people of all ages across Canada. She lives downtown with her partner and kids, and can often be found at a protest or direct action, gardening, spray painting, and playing softball.

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