The War in Ukraine: Impacts of Nonviolent Resistance and U.S. Policy Implications

By the Peace and Security Working Group of the Washington Interfaith Staff Community, March 1, 2023


Welcome: Eli McCarthy is a Professor at Georgetown University’s Program on Justice and Peace. He has authored several articles and books, including his most recent book “A Just Peace Ethic Primer: Building Sustainable Peace and Breaking Cycles of Violence (2020).” Eli is also the Director of Programs for the DC Peace Team.

Moderator: Maria Santelli has served as Executive Director of the Center on Conscience and War since 2011. Prior to coming to CCW, Maria worked for disarmament and accountability in New Mexico as coordinator of the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice.

Felip Daza is a researcher and professor on civil resistance; public advocacy and human rights in the Paris School of International Affairs of the Sciences Po University and Open University of Catalonia. His recent work is published in the report: “Ukrainian Nonviolent Civil Resistance in the Face of War”.

Andre Kamenshikov has 30 years of experience as a civil peacebuilding activist in conflict areas, including Russia. He presently lives in Kyiv, Ukraine for the last 10 years. He is an author of a number of publications about the role of civil society in post-soviet conflicts, including “Strategic framework for the development of civil peacebuilding activities in Ukraine” (2017).

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