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A hospital in Yemen

The Last Death in a War is 90% Backwash

By David Swanson, May 13, 2019 They say the last sip of a drink is mostly backwash. The last understanding of a war should be that every speck of it is backwash in the sense used by Ellen N. La […]

Video debate about Iran sanctions

Video: Debate: Should Iran Be Sanctioned?

PressTV: Should Iran Be Sanctioned? A debate with David Swanson.

Gerry Condon of Veterans for Peace at Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC May 8 2019

Humanitarian Aid Blocked from Entering Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C.

By David Swanson, May 9, 2019 Two months ago, I heard a story. You heard it too, if you went anywhere near a television or a newspaper in the United States. The government of Venezuela needed to be overthrown because […]

The U.S. Is Spending $1.25 Trillion Annually on War

By William D. Hartung and Mandy Smithberger, May 8, 2019 From TomDispatch In its latest budget request, the Trump administration is asking for a near-record $750 billion for the Pentagon and related defense activities, an astonishing figure by any measure. If passed by Congress, it […]

World BEYOND War’s Website Translates into 125 Languages

World BEYOND War is developing chapters, affiliates, volunteers, and leaders all over the world — in 175 countries and growing. Using a tool called GTranslate our website is now available in 125 languages. When you open an article like this […]

An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore Missed

By Michael Eisenscher, May 7, 2019 Related Power Point. In a recent interview with The Real News, actor and activist John Cusack made a simple but profoundly important point: “[Y]ou can’t separate climate justice and militarism’, he said,”… because the […]

Mike Pompeo

US Executive Assault on Treaties Perils Peace and Constitution

By Paul W. Lovinger, May 6, 2019 US President Trump has taken aim at two arms treaties in the last three months. Executive exercise of traditional legislative power over treaty termination — begun under President Carter — now endangers many […]

A Military Psy-Ops Campaign in the Heart of Washington is Directed at U.S. Citizens

By Pat Elder, World BEYOND War, May 6, 2019 A fortified door inside the Venezuelan Embassy. I’ve been studying the Pentagon’s use of psychological tactics in the way it recruits youth into the armed forces for 20 years, so I […]

WBW News & Action: Uniting Against War

A New Video to Watch and Share: Uniting to End All War Militarism Mapped 2019 World BEYOND War has just released an updated 2019 mapping of militarism in the world. See where the weapons come from, where they go, where […]

Militarism Mapped 2019

By David Swanson, Executive Director, World BEYOND War, May 6, 2019 World BEYOND War has just released an updated 2019 mapping of militarism in the world. Open the mapping system, check out, and customize the maps here. Here are some […]