Upcoming Online Antiwar Book Clubs

These authors are donating their time to meet with you online four times over four weeks. They will mail you a signed copy of their book before the club starts. The money raised will fund the work of World BEYOND War. Click any book club below for all the details.

Warning, these bookclubs have created many lasting friendships. One of our authors, Sharon Tennison, said:
“Your ‘Read-a-Book for four weeks’ in April, has become a regular Book Club for us. We didn’t know each other when we met but quickly became positively addicted to each other’s knowledge and our meetings! We continue meeting and setting our own agenda. Thank you for this Terrific idea!”


June 2023

Past and Sold-Out Book Clubs:

August 2022: Jeff Cohen: Cable News Confidential

July 2022: Gareth Porter: Manufactured Crisis

June 2022: Patricia Hynes: Hope But Demand Justice

May 2022: Helen Caldicott: Sleepwalking to Armageddon

April 2022: Sharon Tennison: The Power of Impossible Ideas

March 2022: Yves Engler: Stand on Guard for Whom?

February 2022: Kathy Beckwith: A Mighty Case Against War

January 2022: Dahr Jamail: The End of Ice

December 2021: Michael Nagler: The Third Harmony

November 2021: Stephen Vittoria: Murder Incorporated

October 2021: David Vine: The United States of War

September 2021: Kathy Kelly: Bending the Arc

August 2021: Ann Wright, Dissent: Voices of Conscience

July 2021: Rivera Sun, The Way Between

June 2021: David Hartsough, Waging Peace

June 2021: John Horgan, The End of War

May 2021: David Swanson, Leaving World War II Behind 

September 2020: David Swanson, War Is A Lie

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