Not a Single Car or Truck In: a Report Back on Blocking the Morning Shift at P&W, a Weapons Company Arming Israel

By World BEYOND War,  December 13, 2023

On Tuesday December 12, 200 workers and community members from across Ontario met at dawn at the manufacturing plant of military contractor Pratt & Whitney Canada to block access to all four entrances as the morning shift was set to begin. Not a single truck or car entered the facility.

As Israel pursues its deadly assault on Gaza for a third month, the picket lines interrupted business as usual at an aerospace giant that makes engines for aircrafts that the Israeli military is using to carry out its bombing campaign against Palestinian lives and infrastructure. Read media release here. The flier given out to workers at the plant is available here.

A round up of media coverage, photos and videos of this action, and how you can take action are below.

Media coverage

Photos of the picket

Video clips

Take action

Send an urgent message to demand Canada stop arming Israel and push for an immediate ceasefire to your Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Defense.

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