Nonviolent Journalism: A Conversation on How to Do It

By World BEYOND War, May 9, 2023

Debuting a new book called Nonviolent Journalism: A Humanist Approach to Communication.

This book aims to reflect the first twelve years of collective effort of a non-profit organisation run by volunteers from the fields of journalism and communication: Pressenza, an international press agency with a nonviolent approach. It is on the basis of this approach and the process of developing the agency that we are able to present these pages to you. Twelve years of successes and failures, of experiments, alliances, and learning through dialogue with and the know-how of communicators, activists, and friends from academia who have provided us with the impetus to put down on paper the foundations and principles, the tools and suggestions that could shape a nonviolent approach to communication and journalism at the service of those who may find it useful. The team that worked on this production has been with the agency since its inception. We have lived and breathed this project, and that undoubtedly brings with it advantages and disadvantages to this text, which is why it is good for the reader to be aware of this fact. More about the book here.

Speakers include:

Pía Figueroa Edwards, co-author of the book, is Chilean and has a degree in Art History and is an expert in ecology. She entered politics in the 1980s, participating in the founding of the Humanist Party. After the return to democracy, she became Undersecretary of State in the cabinet of President Patricio Aylwin, representing Chile in various international negotiations related to climate change, the Montreal Protocol and the Antarctic Treaty, as well as running twice for parliament. She was president of the Laura Rodriguez Foundation, dedicated to gender, educational, communication, environmental and health issues, and to the realisa- tion of numerous social projects. She worked as environmental advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, Director of Extension of the Educares University. Since 1994 she has directed the International Environmental Fair, EcoFeria. She is vice- president of the Pangea Foundation and director of TempoConsul- tores. She collaborates with various academic bodies and institutions, the media, private companies and non-governmental organisations. She advises national and foreign companies in the areas of commu- nication, training, event organisation and the environment. From 2008 to date, she has been co-director of Pressenza, international press agency. She writes regularly, is an executive producer of television documen- taries and has produced several research monographs. She has published three books, translated and edited in different languages, which form part of the current of thought known as Universalist Humanism.

David Andersson: Citizen journalist, photograph and publisher, starting back in the 80’s with the Humanist Movement by publishing a neighborhood newspaper in Paris. Today, David is the coordinator of the NYC bureau for Pressenza and is hosting a talk-show called Face 2 Face. The show is broadcast on Youtube and Facebook.

Fernando Garcia: University professor in Political Communication and International Relations. Chilean Culture and Press Attaché in the United States. He was Director of the Master’s Degree in Politics and Government at the Diego Portales University. As an academic, he has specialized in international relations and political communication. He completed his PhD in Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Paris VIII, and his Master’s in Political Science at the University of Paris I. As a diplomat, he worked at the Chilean embassies in France and the Russian Federation. He was a political analyst and columnist for the Chilean newspapers La Tercera and Las Últimas Noticias, and an international analyst for CNN Chile and Chilevisión. He was the Director in Chile of the Association of Political Communication (ACOMPOL) and Director of the ACCP (Chilean Association of Political Science). Author of the book “The Political Fiction of Social Networks” among other publications.

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