People Around the World Are Moving for Peace

By World BEYOND War, June 11, 2024

The Move for Peace Challenge is off to an incredible and inspiring start! With participants from all over the world, the challenge provides a unique opportunity to set-out on reaching a personal goal while working collectively to draw attention to the global movement to end war.

Move for Peace invites you to walk, jog, run, cycle, row, use a wheelchair, or engage in any other form of movement and to report on your movement.

So far people from Afghanistan, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, China, England, Gambia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Poland, Tunisia, Ukraine, USA, and Wales have submitted their stories through the challenge website page. This includes people fleeing their countries due to war, such as Omid from Afghanistan and Iryna from Ukraine. Others are raising awareness of nonviolence, like Vasnathi from India, who works with children and youth to promote the power of civil resistance. Fatoumata in Mali is using Move for Peace to engage others on the ground through her chapter work. And Jeremy in Switzerland is committed to donating all the funds to WBW through his half marathon which will support our efforts to abolish war. These are just some examples of what people around the world are doing.

Join this incredible group of individuals from across the globe by sharing your story of how you’ll be moving in order to raise money and awareness to end the devastation and proliferation of war.

Not interested or able to do the moving piece but still want to participate?

No problem! Sponsor one of our incredible participants by supporting their challenge with a donation.

Donations for this project will support WBW’s efforts to end war through educational programs, activism, and media. Specifically, by making a donation in support of someone’s challenge, you will be supporting our global Peace Education and Action for Impact (PEAI) program. This program brings together people from different generations and cultures around the world to build their peace building capacity while collectively growing the peace movement and amplifying the work of WBW through community peace projects.

Since 2021, PEAI has connected, educated, organised, and mentored young people (18-35), community representatives, and organisations across 19 diverse countries and contexts including Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cameroon, Colombia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, Serbia, South Sudan, Ukraine, Turkey, the U.S., Venezuela, and more. This year, we are working to make the PEAI experience available to young people and communities in 5 to 10 countries, including Egypt, Thailand, USA, Honduras, Ethiopia, India, Bulgaria, and more. Your donations will help make their participation possible:

  • $3,000 donation covers the full project expenses for one country project team (10 youth, 18-35, 2 coordinators, and mentors) to benefit from access to 6-weeks of peace education and 8-weeks of peace project management support, mentoring, and guidance.
  • $300 donation covers the full project expenses for one young person to fully participate in PEAI.
  • $150 enables one young person to build their personal capacity by gaining invaluable skills and tools to build peace in their communities, often ravaged by war and violence or enables one young person to use the skills they’ve learned to successfully peace build through the development and execution of a peace project in their community.
  • $10 provides one individual access to additional learning materials, including WBW’s seminal book “A Global Security System: an Alternative to War.”

We’re moving for peace in Mali!


And in Cameroon:

And in England:

And in Wales:

And all over the world:

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