Let’s Move For Peace!

Move For Peace Challenge 2024 - athletes surrounding the word "peace"

By World BEYOND War, March 29, 2024

Are you ready to make a difference? You’re invited to join the “Move for Peace Challenge” in 2024! This provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the global movement to end all wars, while undertaking your personal and/or collective challenges along the way! Every time you walk, jog, run, cycle, row, use a wheelchair, or engage in any activity that moves you forward, document it and send it to us to share widely.

There are many ways to participate in the peace movement. There are also many ways to ensure we are up for the challenge of ending war — both mentally and physically. For example, this year, I’ll be running my first marathon – one of my biggest personal challenges yet! In doing so, I hope to maintain my physical and mental health while simultaneously amplifying and supporting the work of World BEYOND War in building peace across the globe as part of our #MoveForPeace Challenge.

But #MoveForPeace isn’t just about big flashy physical challenges. It also invites people of all abilities to walk, jog, run, cycle, row, use a wheelchair, or do any form of movement of which they are able and which propels them forward. These activities represent not only physical motions but also individual and collective efforts moving us towards a world beyond war. This is an opportunity to encourage and support global solidarity, transcending borders, sectors, and generations, uniting people around a common cause.

“So how can I get involved”, you may be asking. There are several ways to participate in the challenge: you can share your peace movements via the challenge webpage, purchase the exclusive challenge merchandise, make a donation to WBW in support of the challenge, or spread the word about the challenge so more people across the world will join and amplify our anti-war message and show our support for peace.

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