Flyers, Post Cards, Sign Up Sheets

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Case Statements and Annual Reports,
Flyers in English,
Sign-Up Sheets,
Post Cards,
Fact Sheets.

Case Statements and Annual Reports

Case statement: PDF.
Annual Report 2018: PDF.


World BEYOND War (three-fold): PDF.
U.S. Militarism (one page): PDF.
No More Wars for Oil (one page): PDF or Docx.
War Threatens Our Environment (one page): PDF.
Basic Facts About War (one page): PDF or Docx.
Modern Day Wars (one page): PDF or Docx.
Intersectionality (one page): PDF or Docx.
Debunking Myths (one page): PDF or Docx.
Cost of global military spending (half-page): PDF.
Cost of U.S. military spending (half-page): PDF.
Quiz activity flyer (two pages, answers on third): PDF.
Shirts, books, bags (one page): PDF.
Social Movements fact sheet (two pages): PDF.


Primer Afiche: PDF or Doc.
La guerra amenaza nuestro medio ambiente: PDF or Docx.
Un Quiz sobre la Guerra ¿Cierto o Falso?: PDF or Doc.
Flyer Educacional: PDF or Doc.
Volante de Cuatro Paginas: PDF or Doc.
Poster: Doc.


Poster: Docx.
More posters available here.

Sign-Up Sheets

Sign-up sheet in English: PDF.
Sign-up sheet in English with blocks: PDF.
Sign-up sheet in Spanish: PDF or Docx.
Sign-up sheet in English for WBW events: PDF.
Sign-up sheet in English/French/Spanish: PDF or Docx.
Sign-up sheet in Japanese thanks to Joseph Essertier: PDF or Docx.
Please photograph completed form and email to or mail the form to
World BEYOND War 513 E Main St #1484 Charlottesville VA 22902 USA. THANKS!

Post Cards

Postcard front: PDF or JPG. Simpler version: JPG.
Postcard back: PDF or JPG.
Official Secrets Postcard back: PNG.
Alternative Postcard front: PDF.
Postcard front with survey question for use at WBW events: PDF.
Front and back, four to a 8.5×11 page: PDF.
Front and back, two to a 8.5×11 page: PDF.
Front and back, one to a 8.5×11 page: PDF.
Education Postcard front: PNG, and back: PNG.


One-page flyers designed by Ally Hermes, and by Tony Sahara.
Merchandise flyer by Patricia Kambitsch.
Poster by Leah Bolger.
Spanish flyers translated by Juan Gómez.

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