David Swanson: Nukes – What Are They Good For?

August 13, 2019

David Swanson gave this keynote address to a gathering of peace activists at the annual Ground Zero Hiroshima/Nagasaki Weekend marking the 74th Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing. The Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in Poulsbo WA was established in 1977, just as the Bangor Trident Submarine Base was being built, and sits on land directly adjacent to the base. The actual keynote title was: “The Myths, the Silence, and the Propaganda That Keep Nuclear Weapons in Existence.”

The next morning on August 5th, 60 people were present at a flash mob demonstration against Trident nuclear weapons at the Bangor submarine base. The demonstration was in the roadway at the Main Gate during rush hour traffic. To see flash mob performance and related videos: https://www.facebook.com/groundzeroce….

Over thirty flash mob dancers and supporters entered the roadway at 6:30 AM carrying peace flags and two large banners stating, “We can all live without Trident” and “Abolish Nuclear Weapons.” While traffic into the base was blocked, dancers performed to a recording of War (What is it good for?) by Edwin Starr. After the performance, dancers left the roadway and eleven demonstrators remained. The eleven demonstrators were removed from the roadway by the Washington State Patrol and cited with RCW 46.61.250, Pedestrians on roadways.

About 30 minutes later, and after being cited, five of the eleven demonstrators reentered the roadway carrying a banner with a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which stated, “When scientific power outruns spiritual power, we end up with guided missiles and misguided men.” The five were removed by the Washington State Patrol, cited with RCW 9A.84.020, Failure to disperse, and released at the scene.

In this talk, the noted author, activist, journalist, and radio host, David Swanson of World Beyond War, presented the argument that war is not good for anything and exposed some of the necessary myths and propaganda that make war and nuclear weapons possible. He also took the time to elaborate on the fear that power structures have of an aroused public, why they depend of our complicity through silence, and what we need to do about it. His books include, When The World Outlawed War, War Is A Lie, and War Is Never Just.

Thanks to The Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action
Recorded 8/4/19
See also: www.gzcenter.org

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