What Past Students of War Abolition 101 Have to Say About the Course

Here’s what past students tell us:

“The course filled me with hope that we can abolish war. I was amazed that we have historical evidence of the development of alternatives to other violent institutions (e.g., trial by ordeal and combat, dueling) that we can draw on and that we have examples of the successful use of nonviolent methods to deal with conflicts.” -Catherine M Stanford

“This is a great starter course to help you understand how war damages every aspect of our lives.” Deborah Williams from Aotearoa New Zealand

“I went into Abolition 101 firmly anti-war, of course. But if you had asked me before taking the course if abolition of war was possible, I might have said abolition of war was wishful thinking. Since taking this course, I believe abolishing war is not only realistic and doable, it is imperative that we do so. I appreciate David Swanson and all the instructors for sharing their wisdom and vision for a world beyond war.” (B. Keith Brumley)

“This course gave me hope that the stupidity of war is being addressed in all aspects of how unacceptable and outdated it is. It inspired me to want to include more impact of war preparations in environmental groups, and scared me with the realization that we need to turn around the war economy ASAP or we will get where we are headed.” Tisha Douthwaite

“At a deep level, we all know that human culture is failing. We just don’t seem to be aware of why. World Beyond War has some of the answers.”

“Taking War Abolition 101 was a powerful learning experience for me (my first online course). My husband benefited as well, and I found that simply telling people about the course led to many interesting discussions about war and the need to work toward ending it. The format was accessible, the materials excellent – well-researched, well-documented – and the online discussion forums taught me a lot. I found completing the weekly assignments to be a good challenge for me, and I appreciated the scope we were offered in content and style. I highly recommend this course to anyone concerned about the state of our world and wanting to build capacity to address the biggest issues facing humanity today.” www.sallycampbellmediator.ca

“Most people want peace, want a stop to war and its effects, but have no idea what to do. World BEYOND War offers a process. I learned about the lies told to prepare a country to choose war; I learned more about the influence of the Military Industrial Complex and its hold on our pocket-books; but best of all, I saw many individuals and groups around the world working nonviolently for peace.”

“After attending the Conference in Toronto, I was inspired to learn more. I wanted to feel competent in my own knowledge, and confident enough to reach out to others to get them engaged as well. This course helped me ENORMOUSLY with both my goals, and has led to my talking with all kinds of people. I am now going for Erica Chenoweth’s 3.5%, first in our community, and then beyond. THANK YOU ALL,” Helen Peacock, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

“A great experience in ‘exercising the thinking,’ deepening my knowledge ,and preparing me to challenge war publicly.” John Cowan, Toronto

“War Abolition 101 brought me into the team from out in the cold.” Brendan Martin

“The online course Abolition of War 101 strongly increased the scope of my knowledge about the negative impact of war and global the military industrial complex. It enriched me with new and very valuable insights and motivates me to pursue my mission of helping to create World Peace by 2035.” Gert Olefs, founder of World Peace 2035


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  1. vERY EXCITED this appeared in my mailbox just now. Just 1 question: Will there be a chance to download, i.e., mkeep the materials for lster study? Stupid question!
    You have already provided for that, right?
    marjorie trifon
    PS I’be just been reading articles by Major Danny Sjursen. I was going to contact him to adk if he’d be interested in doing a book tour; hisd writing is honest, inviting, brilliant. What is your reaction to this idea?

  2. I have gotten the best link to help me understand how i can contribute positively to the wars and conflicts going on in the Country of South Sudan.
    thank you to everyone who have shared their idea here so that we can get rid of Wars in the World.

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